Pledis Entertainment Releases Statement Regarding Aron’s Participation In NU’EST’s Upcoming Comeback

Pledis Entertainment shared a statement about Aron’s condition and whether he will take part in NU’EST’s comeback with “Romanticize.”

In January, Pledis Entertainment had announced that Aron had been experiencing symptoms of anxiety and would be going on a temporary hiatus to focus on recovering.

It was then revealed that NU’EST would be making a comeback in April, and teasers that included Aron were released.

On April 11, Pledis Entertainment shared a new statement about Aron’s participation in the group’s upcoming comeback activities.

Read the statement in English below:

This is Pledis Entertainment.

We would like to provide some information regarding NU’EST member Aron and his participation in promotional activities for the group’s second studio album “Romanticize.”

Following his physician’s advice in January that Aron required sufficient rest and recuperation due to symptoms of anxiety, he has focused on his recovery.

His foremost concern has been making sure that he does not cause concern to fans who have eagerly been waiting for the new album from NU’EST and has thus been working closely with physicians to prepare himself for the comeback.

While the artist himself wishes to fully take part in the group’s second studio album promotions, the company has determined that taking part in all official activities and performances may place undue strain on Aron. We plan to place the highest priority on artist health and well-being and exercise flexibility in Aron’s participation in album promotions. We ask for your generous understanding.

We will strive to assist our artist in making sure he stays healthy and ready to appear before our fans. We will provide a separate notice on more details about Aron joining official promotional activities.

We would like to express our appreciation to all fans who support NU’EST and their second studio album “Romanticize.” We ask for your continued love and support for NU’EST.

NU’EST’s second studio album “Romanticize” will be released on April 19 at 6 p.m. KST.

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