5 Reasons To Watch C-Drama “You Are My Hero”

Are you looking for a new Chinese drama to watch? Then you should definitely check out “You Are My Hero,” the latest and highly-rated medical-military romance drama starring Sandra Ma (Ma Si Chun) and Bai Jing Ting. The story follows a new resident doctor named Mi Ka (Sandra Ma) and special police elite officer named Xing Ke Lei (Bai Jing Ting), who first meet during a robbery incident. Fate reunites the two again when Mi Ka attends an emergency rescue training organized by the special police team. A deadly earthquake strikes the country, and Mi Ka joins the medical team headed to the epicenter of the quake to aid with rescue operations. She is joined by Xing Kei Lei, who is a part of military personnel, and they work tirelessly side-by-side, facing life-or-death situations. From their initial minor hostile interactions, romantic feelings blossom as Xing Ke Lei becomes attracted to Mi Ka’s bravery and selflessness, while Mi Ka admires Xing Ke Lei’s leadership, dedication, and compassion.

There’s been fervent discussions online debating whether or not “You Are My Hero” is a remake of the 2016 smash hit Korean drama “Descendants of the Sun.” Although on paper it sounds like a Chinese remake, I can assure you it is not. In fact, “You Are My Hero” is the drama adaptation of the 2013 novel “You Are My City and Fortress” by author Mu Qing Yu. The drama explores and depicts the life of police officers and doctors, allowing audiences to understand their dedication and hardships of their work. If this isn’t enough to pique your interest, check out our top reasons why “You Are My Hero” is worth watching below!

Compassionate and charming female lead

Our female lead, Mi Ka, is a new resident neurosurgeon at Renxin Hospital and represents the true qualities of a great doctor. She is diligent, kindhearted, professional, resilient, and extremely dedicated to saving lives. Mi Ka is quite the opposite of many stereotypical drama female leads who are often damsels in distress. Instead, she is independent, composed, resourceful, a team player, and doesn’t fear hardships. Although Mi Ka is not the most talented surgeon among her peers, her excellent work ethic and strong principles of maximizing the health benefits of her patients makes her highly trusted by patients. She’s also a wonderful friend, who is always willing to do anything to help when needed, which shows us her sweet, charming, and goofy side. I also love that she’s not a pushover and isn’t afraid to speak her mind and confront her enemies. Mi Ka is definitely one of the best female characters and it’s no surprise our male lead Xing Ke Lei falls in love with her from the very start.

For those who are not familiar with Sandra Ma, she’s an award-winning actress known for her work in the critically acclaimed films “The Left Ear” and “Soul Mate.” So it comes as no surprise that she is a fantastic actress and portrays the compassionate and charming Mi Ka wonderfully. Sandra always has the ability to portray all her roles dynamically; utilizing her soft voice, refreshingly beautiful sweet smile and giggle, plus her puppy eyes and gentle disposition, making Mi Ka so naturally adorable and warm. Many fans of the drama would agree that Sandra nailed the role, and they cannot imagine Mi Ka being played by anyone else.

Charismatic and strong male lead

Captain Xing Ke Lei of the Tiger Assault Team (SWAT) is our strong, charismatic, and handsome male lead. He is confident, principled, and exceptionally talented in his field, making him one of the youngest captains of a special police team. Just like Mi Ka, he is extremely dedicated towards his work. Although Xing Ke Lei is a confident man and is well aware of his talents and charm, he is far from being egoistic. He’s a tough superior towards his team, but he’s also a reliable and warm guy. Despite having a cold exterior, once Xing Ke Lei discovers his feelings for Mi Ka, he doesn’t waste any time and boldly pursues her. Who knew the serious and formidable Captain Xing could also be such a dorky, caring, sweet, romantic, and shy man around Mi Ka? Fans of the drama love the stark contrast of Xing Ke Lei’s persona as a police officer and boyfriend. Not only does he win Mi Ka’s heart, he wins the hearts of us viewers as well.

Just like his female co-star, Bai Jing Ting is known as a talented actor and has gained recognition for his roles in the dramas “The Whirlwind Girl” and “Rush to the Dead Summer.” The rising actor impressed viewers with his genuine, charismatic, and wholehearted performance, showcasing the different aspects of Xing Ke Lei’s character; heroic and determined, but also humorous and awkwardly adorable. Also, just seeing Bai Jing Ting in a police uniform is reason enough for you to check out “You Are My Hero.” A man in a uniform just makes them 10 times more attractive! Viewers can also appreciate Bai Jing Ting’s dedication and preparation in training his body diligently to fully embrace the role of Captain Xing, who regularly takes on dangerous missions.

Honest and open OTP

After witnessing Mi Ka and Xing Kei’s “explosive” first meeting from the premiere episode, you know they’re meant to be together. Our OTP both work in extremely challenging occupations as a doctor and a police officer, and they are both equally passionate about their work. Due to their demanding jobs, they cannot spend as much time together like typical couples. They make their relationship work because they greatly treasure their time together, and they demonstrate it through honest communication and trust. It’s also refreshing to see that the angst between our OTP isn’t from typical drama tropes (stalker second male lead, disapproving parents, amnesia, etc.) but is rather from the tensions of their respective professions.

What I love most about Mi Ka and Xing Kei Lei is that they are partners of equal footing, who respect each other’s opinions and choices. They’re a level-headed and reciprocal couple that consistently communicates with each other, leaving hardly any room for misunderstandings. Whenever there are conflicts they do not hesitate to apologize, and they understand and respect each other’s demanding careers and are willing accept that their jobs at times will take precedence over each other. Our OTP’s relationship development, transitioning from friends to being a cute and awkward couple, and finally as life partners, is also sweet. Their interactions are so authentic and their conversations feel so casual and natural when they sincerely express their thoughts, worries, and love. They are truly relationship goals.

Although the drama is called “You Are My Hero,” Xing Ke Lei and Mi Ka do not consider themselves as heroes. To them, they are just ordinary people with extraordinary jobs, trying to navigate their daily lives. Although their career paths are as different as night and day, they share the common mission of trying to save lives. Throughout the drama, they overcome adversity both independently and together in their jobs, allowing them to shine as both individuals and as a pair.

Sandra Ma and Bai Jing Ting is an unexpected and fresh pairing, and their chemistry is off the charts! Their chemistry onscreen is so natural that it feels like they aren’t acting. Instead, it’s like we’re watching the interaction of a real-life couple. That’s because many of their scenes and dialogues were improvised, showcasing their organic chemistry through the way they look at each other, their smiles, and other lively interactions. They skillfully brought out the emotions throughout the drama with their tense, heated scenes but also with their adorable and funny moments.

Sharing a fun tidbit, did you know this year marks seven years since Bai Jing Ting first joined the entertainment world and he gave his first onscreen kiss to Sandra Ma in the drama? Many fans of “You Are My Hero,” including myself, hope Sandra Ma and Bai Jing Ting will work together in another project and show off their electrifying chemistry once again.

Uniquely dynamic secondary couples

Another great aspect of “You Are My Hero” is that there are no love triangles. Instead, we’re treated with not just one, but two secondary couples! The first couple is Ren Jing Xia (Jiang Pei Yao) and Shu Wen Bo (Chen Hao). Ren Jing Xia, better known as Xiao Xia, is a well-known journalist and Mi Ka’s best friend, who actively pursues Shu Wen Bo, the deputy captain under Xing Ke Lei’s SWAT team. What makes Xiao Xia so admirable is that she is courageous, assertive, and forthright when it comes to romance and career. Shu Wen Bo is hilariously endearing as he is quite clueless and dense when it comes to love. Their love story is a slow-burn romance, but once Shu Wen Bo realizes his feelings towards Xiao Xia, he’s quick to act on it. As Xiao Xia says, Shu Wen Bo is a simple-minded person who wears his heart on his sleeve. They’re an adorable couple, and it’s worth the wait once they make it official.

Our third couple is Xing Ke Yao (Zhang Yao), the sassy elder sister of Xing Kei Lei, and Shao Yu Han (Wang Yang), the director of the Neurosurgery department as well as Mi Ka’s boss and mentor. The two were former lovers that split up years ago due to life circumstances, but they never forgot about each other. If we’re describing Mi Ka and Xing Kei Lei’s relationship as fresh, new, and pure; Xing Ke Yao and Shao Yu Han’s relationship in contrast is familiar, warm, comfortable, and mature. Their scenes are a joy to watch because you witness their unspoken understanding in their undefined relationship demonstrated through their relaxed conversations and actions.

All three couples have a unique dynamic that is beautiful in their own way, and “You Are My Hero” does a wonderful job in showcasing the charm of each of their love stories.

Wonderful OST

A great drama isn’t complete without a beautiful accompanying soundtrack. “You Are My Hero” boasts a great OST, and you can tell every song was meticulously picked to suit each scene or situation, helping to highlight the emotions of the characters. Many fans of the drama love the opening theme song “Because I Have You” by the rock band The Life Journey, and the ending theme song “Accident” by Chen Xue Ran and Ye Xuan Qing. My favorite song from the drama is “Whispers,” an emotional, romantic ballad by Dou Zhi Wen. Other songs include the fun and sweet songs “Contend” by Zhang Yao and “Fallen in Love” by Hu Xia, and the touching rock-ballad “Nostalgia” by Liu Yu Ning.

Overall, “You Are My Hero” is a well-written heartwarming story with great characters arcs and relationships. It is terrific in all aspects: acting, chemistry, music, comedy, and of course, romance. It also pays tribute to all the faceless everyday frontline heroes who fiercely dedicate themselves to their services. It is especially during these difficult, unprecedented times that it’s even more important to show our respect and gratitude to our self-sacrificing heroes.

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