DSP Media Gives New Statement In Response To Former APRIL Member Hyunjoo’s Allegations Of Bullying By Bandmates

DSP Media has released an official statement in response to a post by former APRIL member Hyunjoo, in which she personally revealed that she had been bullied by her bandmates.

Earlier this year, Hyunjoo’s younger brother and someone claiming to be Hyunjoo’s high school classmate wrote online posts alleging that the reason she left the group in 2016 was that she was bullied by the other members. DSP Media—which currently houses both APRIL and Hyunjoo—has released multiple statements denying the allegations, and the agency has also filed both criminal and civil lawsuits against Hyunjoo and the individuals who made the allegations online.

On April 18, Hyunjoo gave her first personal statement about the situation, and APRIL members Chaewon and Yena also spoke up to deny the claims made by Hyunjoo and her acquaintances.

Read DSP Media’s new statement below:

Hello. This is DSP Media.

This is the agency’s statement regarding Lee Hyunjoo’s social media post today.

The content written in the post is a one-sided, distorted assertion that is far from the objective truth.

Five years after her departure from APRIL, due to the irresponsible behavior shown by Lee Hyunjoo and her acquaintances against the APRIL members and the agency she had worked through long hardships with, the members and the company have already suffered unbearable emotional distress as well as tangible and intangible damage.

The members who were harmed were also desperate to reveal the truth and prove their innocence. However, we worried that it may lead to extremely subjective and irresponsible claims being repeated without solving the issue, so we had decided to objectively reveal the truth through a fair and impartial investigation by the judicial authority.

The entire truth and the injustice felt by the members mentioned will soon be revealed by the ongoing legal procedure.

We once again apologize for causing many people to feel concerned and worried.

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