ONEWE And RBW Artists Test Negative For COVID-19

A staff member of the idol group ONEWE has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

On April 22, ONEWE’s agency RBW announced that all the members of ONEWE have tested negative, but because they came in close contact with the staff member, they will suspend their team activities, go into self-isolation, and receive additional testing once the period is over.

The agency’s full statement is as follows:

Hello, this is RBW.

On April 20, one of the staff members of ONEWE tested positive for COVID-19.

The ONEWE members were tested immediately after being notified on April 20 that they came in close contact with someone who was diagnosed with the virus, and on the morning of April 22, they were informed that they tested negative for COVID-19.

In addition, the staff members whose paths overlapped with the staff member or had contact with them were tested and received negative results.

According to the quarantine guidelines, the ONEWE members were classified as a close contact of the staff member who tested positive for COVID-19, so they will go into self-isolation and receive additional testing afterward. As a result, all their activities have been halted. We apologize for worrying you.

We will do our best for the health and safety of all of our artists.

Thank you.

(The other artists in the company did not cross paths with the staff member, but they underwent a preemptive COVID-19 test. Everyone has currently tested negative.)

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