Yoo Seung Ho Talks About His Acting Career And Passion To Show More Sides Of Him

Yoo Seung Ho recently participated in a pictorial and interview for Elle Korea!

In the photos, the actor posed in various trendy outfits as he portrayed diverse expressions to show off his youthful, refreshing charms.

Yoo Seung Ho has been an actor for more than 20 years now, and in the interview following his photo shoot, he discussed his acting career.

He shared, “I’ve avoided roles involving school uniforms on purpose to break away from the image of looking young, but that didn’t make me look more like an adult. As I naturally thought about how to go through that process, I became 29 years old (by Korean reckoning). Now I think that time will come naturally one day.”

Yoo Seung Ho added, “As an actor, I still have a lot to show. There’s a lot of people who work hard, but I’m also giving everything I got to make something good.”

You can check out Yoo Seung Ho’s full photo shoot and interview with Elle Korea in their May issue.

Yoo Seung Ho is currently in talks for the leading role in KBS 2TV’s upcoming historical romance drama “Thinking of the Moon When the Flower Blooms” (literal title).

Catch Yoo Seung Ho in his latest drama “Memorist” here!

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