Hong Eun Hee And Jeon Hye Bin Lock Horns In “Revolutionary Sisters”

KBS 2TV’s weekend drama “Revolutionary Sisters” has shared new stills of Hong Eun Hee and Jeon Hye Bin!

Described as a blend of mystery, romance, and comedy, “Revolutionary Sisters” is about three sisters whose entire family comes under suspicion when their mother is murdered in the middle of her divorce with their father.


Previously in the drama, Lee Gwang Nam (Hong Eun Hee) learned that her husband Bae Byun Ho (Choi Dae Chul) had a child out of wedlock. Lee Gwang Nam expressed her devastation and rage with odd behaviors, and she even went as far as giving her mother-in-law the cold shoulder. Furious, Bae Byun Ho left the house, leaving Lee Gwang Nam to suffer alone.

The newly released stills depict Lee Gwang Nam and Lee Gwang Sik (Jeon Hye Bin) in a heated argument. Lee Gwang Sik visits Lee Gwang Nam to give her advice about Bae Byun Ho, but that does more harm than good. Lee Gwang Nam explodes with rage and ends up slapping her younger sister across the face. Lee Gwang Sik’s eyes are wide with disbelief and anger, and they stare at each other with thick tension in the air. Lee Gwang Nam and Lee Gwang Sik have a strong bond, so viewers are increasingly curious about why they suddenly locked horns.

This scene was filmed in March. Hong Eun Hee and Jeon Hye Bin shared a detailed conversation about how to perform this scene. They reviewed the script together and conducted a thorough rehearsal. As soon as filming began, Hong Eun Hee immediately immersed herself in the scene and created a sharp atmosphere by striking Jeon Hye Bin across the cheek. Despite the stinging pain, Jeon Hye Bin continued to maintain her emotions and say her lines without wavering. As soon as the shooting ended, the two comfortingly patted each other on the shoulder.

The production team praised their solid acting skills and commented, “Please look forward to the passionate performances of Hong Eun Hee and Jeon Hye Bin, who will portray the sisters’ sharp confrontation with their sincere acting skills.”

The next episode of “Revolutionary Sisters” will air on April 24 at 7:55 p.m. KST.

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