KQ Entertainment Issues Warning Against Spreading False Rumors About The Agency

On April 25, KQ Entertainment issued a statement against false speculation about the agency and its artists.

The statement reads:

Hello, this is KQ Entertainment.

Our agency currently manages several partnerships with various domestic and international companies in various fields, but we operate independently and are not under the influence of a specific company.

But recently, there have been YouTubers creating content and people leaving comments in online music communities that recklessly share false information and various rumors about our artists based on the speculation that we are a subsidiary or a sub-label of a specific company.

Until now, we had not called into question the inaccurate information spreading in these communities online, but we recently heard that these rumors are being spread as if they are the truth. In this situation, the reputation of our agency, and our artists, who worked so hard to earn that reputation, is being defamed. At the same time, we have judged that there might be psychological harm done to the fans who are supporting these artists.

The agency has requested several YouTubers spreading this false information to stop doing so and correct their content. If they do not take these corrective measures after our requests and official statement, then we will take strong legal action, since we have given them enough advance warning.

In order to take legal action for the behavior described above, the agency will collect evidence and we request that fans actively send in their own documentation as well.

The agency will strive to protect our artists’ rights and reputation and do our best for their active promotions, growth, and development.

Thank you.

KQ Entertainment currently houses artists like ATEEZ, Block B, EDEN, and Maddox.

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