Watch: Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany, Brave Girls, And More Perform On “Immortal Songs”

On May 1, KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Songs” aired a “time travel” episode with guest performers Brave Girls, musical actors Choi Jung Won and Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany, Forestella, Shin Mi Rae, Jin Hae Sung, and Yook Joong Wan Band.


Brave Girls, who were returning to the show for the first time in four years, talked about their skyrocketing success following the chart resurgence of their viral hit “Rollin'”. The members said, “We thought we would never get No. 1 in our lifetimes, but when we got No. 1 on music shows and on the Billboard K-pop chart, we thought, ‘A miracle has happened to us.’ We feel all the love that we’re receiving from people.”

Minyoung shared, “Recently, we’ve been sleeping about one or two hours a night. We slept about four hours last night.” She added that the group had recently filmed commercials for games, snacks, clothing, makeup, and fried chicken.

Brave Girls was also the first performer on the show, covering the ’90s techno hit “Wa” by Lee Jung Hyun. They ended up losing the round to Forestella, a crossover vocal group who performed “Scarborough Fair,” an English folk song made famous by Simon & Garfunkel.

Third to perform was Choi Jung Won and Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany, who are starring together in the Korean adaptation of the musical “Chicago” as Velma and Roxie. Tiffany said, “This is my first time on ‘Immortal Songs,’ but Choi Jung Won makes waves with every appearance. I watched all of her appearances on this show. It’s an honor to be able to work with her. I’m also grateful to the production staff for creating a special like ‘time travel’ in times like these.”

Choi Jung Won said, “I really liked Girls’ Generation and to be able to work with one of them on my favorite stage is enough, I don’t even need to win.” The duo’s concept was the 1920s, in keeping with the setting of the musical “Chicago,” and the two artists performed “Someone to Watch Over Me” and “Hot Honey Rag.” After their performance, Minyoung said, “I also really want to do a musical. I’ve had the dream for a while and this was so cool.”

Tiffany and Choi Jung Won won the round against Forestella and went on to win against Shin Mi Rae and Jin Hae Sung before losing the final win to Yook Joong Wan Band.

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