Brave Girls’ Yujeong Shares Adorable Childhood Photos + Thanks Fans For Birthday Wishes

Brave Girls’ Yujeong rang in her birthday with a super-cute blast from the past—and a sweet message for her fans!

On May 2, Yujeong turned 30 years old (by international reckoning), and shortly after midnight KST, she took to Instagram to commemorate the occasion with a heartfelt post.

In addition to sharing several photos from a birthday celebration, Yujeong also posted two adorable photos from her childhood that prove she’s always had a mega-watt smile.

Yujeong’s full message is as follows:

Thank you to the parents who gave birth to me, thank you to my older sister who grew up with me for half my life and my brother-in-law who is with her, and thank you to my grandmother, who always prays for my happiness.

Thank you to my friends who always support me, and thank you so much to my fellow Brave Girls members, CEO, and agency staff who steadfastly walk the same path together with me.

And I sincerely thank everyone who made this day such a festive celebration that I could never have imagined and of which I feel undeserving.

Fearless [Brave Girls’ fandom], thank you for being by my side on this warm day.

Thank you for celebrating my B-day. Love you all.

Happy Birthday, Yujeong!

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