Watch: ITZY Talks About Their Friendship With TWICE + Covers “Dance The Night Away”

ITZY dished on their bond with TWICE on the latest episode of “Tiki taCAR”!

During the May 2 broadcast of the new SBS variety show, ITZY made a guest appearance to promote their new comeback track “Mafia in the Morning.”

At one point during the episode, host Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun pointed out that ITZY and TWICE were JYP Entertainment labelmates and asked, “I feel like there are probably members [of TWICE] with whom you’re especially close.”

Chaeryeong replied, “Yes, we’ll grab late-night meals with the [TWICE] unnies, and I personally message Jeongyeon often on KakaoTalk. We often ask each other how we’re doing, and she’ll listen to me talk about my concerns and tell me to find strength.”

Yeji chimed in, “Jihyo also sends us gifts on our birthdays,” and Lia agreed, “Yes, she always contacts us on our birthdays and occasions like that.”

When Kim Gura asked which if there were any TWICE songs they especially liked, Yuna enthusiastically replied, “‘Dance the Night Away‘!”

At the hosts’ request, the ITZY members then went on to perform a live karaoke rendition of the summer hit.

Check out the clip of ITZY singing “Dance the Night Away” below!

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