Update: fromis_9 Unveils Track List For “9 Way Ticket”

Updated May 12 KST:

fromis_9 has revealed the track list for their upcoming single album “9 Way Ticket”!

Updated May 11 KST:

fromis_9 has shared new “9 Travelers” concept films for each member ahead of their comeback with “9 Way Ticket”!

Check out the nine clips below:

Updated May 10 KST: 

Lee Na Gyung, Lee Seo Yeon, and Lee Sae Rom are the last members to star in the “Travelers” version concept photos for “9 Way Ticket.”

Updated May 9 KST: 

fromis_9 has dropped more “Travelers” version concept photos for “9 Way Ticket,” this time featuring Park Ji Won, Lee Chae Young, and Jang Gyu Ri.

Updated May 8 KST: 

fromis_9 dropped the “Travelers” version of concept photos for their return with “9 Way Ticket,” starting with Song Ha Young, Baek Ji Heon, and Roh Ji Sun!

Updated May 7 KST: 

fromis_9 has dropped a “Ticket to Seoul” version of their concept film for “9 Way Ticket”!

Updated May 6 KST:

fromis_9 has shared another set of individual teasers for “9 Way Ticket,” this time starring Lee Na Gyung, Song Ha Young, and Roh Ji Sun!

Updated May 5 KST:

fromis_9 has released their second set of individual teasers for “9 Way Ticket,” this time starring Baek Ji Heon, Lee Chae Young, and Park Ji Won!

Updated May 4 KST:

fromis_9 has released their first set of individual teasers for their upcoming return with “9 Way Ticket”!

The first batch of photos stars members Lee Sae Rom, Jang Gyu Ri, and Lee Seo Yeon. Check them out below!

Original Article:

fromis_9 is making their long-awaited comeback!

On May 3, fromis_9 dropped a teaser announcing the release of their second single album, “9 Way Ticket.” The new single album is scheduled to be released on May 17 at 6 p.m. KST.

This is fromis_9’s first comeback since September 2020, when they released the mini album “My Little Society” and title track “Feel Good (Secret Code).”

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