Lee Hee Joon And Park Ju Hyun Are Startled By Lee Seung Gi’s Sudden Outburst Of Anger In “Mouse”

More twists await in tvN’s “Mouse”!

In the beginning, the drama was billed as a thrilling chase between a psychopathic predator and Go Moo Chi (Lee Hee Joon), a hardboiled detective out for revenge for his parents’ murder, and Jung Ba Reum (Lee Seung Gi), an upright and passionate young police officer.


In episode 15, Jung Ba Reum was shown struggling with his memories of the evil deeds he carried out the past after he realized that he was the real predator. Na Chi Gook (Lee Seo Joon), who just barely survived from Jung Ba Reum’s attack, stopped Jung Ba Reum in his tracks and suggested that he turn himself in. The episode came to an end with Go Moo Chi calling after Jung Ba Reum when he saw him leaving Na Chi Gook’s hospital room in a dazed state.

New stills of the upcoming episode depict Jung Ba Reum, Go Moo Chi, and Oh Bong Yi (Park Ju Hyun) grieving at a funeral. Jung Ba Reum, who is wearing the armband of the chief mourner, blankly stares at the portrait of the deceased with teary eyes, while Oh Bong Yi approaches him and tries to console him.

However, Jung Ba Reum suddenly shakes Oh Bong Yi’s hands off and flies into a rage. He points his finger at and yells at Oh Bong Yi, who has fallen on the floor. Go Moo Chi then arrives at the scene and looks at Jung Ba Reum strangely. Curiosity is mounting over what caused the sudden change in Jung Ba Reum’s emotions.

For the funeral scene, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Hee Joon, and Park Ju Hyun came on set with somber attitudes and each quietly went over their parts. Lee Seung Gi acted out a perfect interpretation of his character’s situation in which he is surrounded by enemies on all sides, while Lee Hee Joon and Park Ju Hyun skillfully expressed a mixture of confusion and shock.

The production team commented, “The three actors’ acting gave off three different types of energy and wowed the staff. Please look forward to the upcoming story that will continue to bring one twist after the other and surprise the viewers.”

Episode 16 of “Mouse” airs May 5 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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