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Doom At Your Service” continues to impress with a surprisingly thoughtful romance. Last week’s cliffhanger leaves our main couple with plenty of food for thought as they pull out all stops in an effort to understand each other. But this may not be for the best, because fate is watching, and she is cruel. Here are four swoonworthy moments in the drama’s latest episodes.

Warning: spoilers for episodes 5-6 below.

1. Dong Kyung finally understanding Myul Mang

The chasm between Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) and Myul Mang (Seo In Guk) feels insurmountable at times. He’s bitter, jaded, and immortal; she’s weary, depressed, and mortal. There’s no easy bridge between these lives. If last week was all about Dong Kyung trying to figure Myul Mang out and regretting it, this week is all about her finally getting him.

Some part of Dong Kyung always knew he was hurting. There were all the jokes she made about him being more human that she thought proved it. But that teasing died after the stunt Myul Mang pulled on the rooftop. Yet, when she sees a knife being aimed in his direction, she doesn’t think. Some part of her that she doesn’t even know of, wants to spare him pain.

From the moment Myul Mang yells at her for risking herself, everything snaps into focus for her. This man cares. He’s hurting but he cares. And all her anger vanishes once more. He’s in pain, and she understands pain. Finally, she knows him.


2. Myul Mang trying to understand Dong Kyung

Dong Kyung’s impulsive decision to throw herself in front of Myul Mang leaves both of them confused, but no one as much as Myul Mang, who goes back in time to watch the moment over and over again and glean why she did it.

Unable to understand her excuse of doing it “just because,” he takes her request to observe and understand her quite literally. But unlike the previous time he attempted this with random humans, this exercise shows him a new side of humanity and shows Dong Kyung a new side of him. He literally buys her flowers. (Yellow tulips, which apparently means unrequited love!)

He learns the difficulty of the daily grind and is incredibly considerate toward Dong Kyung, even more so than he was pre-rooftop incident. He finds that humans are greedy, vacuous, and silly but all have their own burdens. Sonyeoshin (Jung Ji So) has rightly pointed out on many occasions that Myul Mang only thinks of himself and his pain. To be fair, Myul Mang suffers greater pain than the average person, but he sees their pain as inconsequential. Dong Kyung weighing all pain as the same is a wake up call for him and moving enough for him to transport her to the beach. And something happens there that will change everything going forward.


3. Myul Mang is in love

Some part of Myul Mang fell for Dong Kyung before he knew it. There’s no other explanation for his solicitousness, his concern, his use of handholding as a “recharge” mechanism. If this was purely about saving the world, there are a million less romantic ways he could have gone about it. He always watches her with such affection. And even that painful rooftop scene was motivated by how scared he was that their meeting, their feelings were manufactured by Sonyeoshin as opposed to being real.

Some part of him has always known this and struggled with it, because she’s fascinated him from day one. This girl who doesn’t react to her own death as she should, who challenges him, fights back. This week, he finally admits it.

While they watch the disappearance of a longtime tradition, he quietly asks Dong Kyung to fall in love with him. But while he previously requested this so she would love him enough to destroy the world, this time he asks it so she’ll live and he’ll die. 


It’s his way of saying thank you, he says. It’s because he wants to save her, because she’s special to him, he says. And Dong Kyung sees those words for what they are: his desire to save her at the cost of his life. Even when he enchants Dong Kyung into leaning in for a kiss, his eyes are so longing, like he wants this more than anything and wishes she did too. It’s only when Dong Kyung snaps back to herself that he puts on that smirk, acting like he was just fooling around.

But Dong Kyung knows better. And she’s a goner. But she fell in love with him much before then.

4. Dong Kyung falls in love

That beach scene is when Dong Kyung falls in love with Myul Mang.


He didn’t understand her but found her easy to love, and she understood him but found him hard to love. Everything about this moment is perfect: him spiriting her away because she looks especially weary, plus him watching her with such tenderness, listening to her worries, and smiling at her like she’s all that matters. The editing and sound really shine here. That quiet moment where they simply gaze at each other as waves crash upon the beach is the precise moment Dong Kyung falls in love.

She’s so startled that she asks for a kiss, and even Myul Mang gently accepts rejection when she turns her head away and doesn’t make her feel embarrassed or guilty about it. What a man!


This changes everything. Because for someone who only a few days ago vowed to fall in love with Myul Mang so she could destroy him, Dong Kyung suddenly watches videos of scumbag CEOs and tries to fall in love with them so they’d die instead of Myul Mang!

Myul Mang finds the whole thing hilarious and continues to be sweet, possessive, and turns on the charm to max.


Poor Dong Kyung’s revenge plan backfires as she, now, desperately tries to fall out of love with him. Interestingly enough, this is a simple problem that could be solved with Dong Kyung using her wish to fall in love with someone dreadful. But she clearly doesn’t want to do that either. Cha Joo Ik’s (Lee Soo Hyuk) solution seems perfect: ask him to fall in love with her. What follows is one of the most glorious moments in the entire show.

5. The kiss

Every inch of the execution for this was perfect. He’s waiting for her like he always does, cheers her up like he always does, and Dong Kyung’s heart has reached the end of the line. She takes her biggest leap of faith yet, and wishes that he would love her. Her face when he says “no” is incredible. No tears, no big emotions, just quiet acceptance as always.

But Myul Mang has also reached the end of his line. And so we get one of the best, most heartfelt kisses of the year. Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young are killing this. Their eyes depict everything their characters feel so well; it’s incredible.


This should have felt like a high note, the culmination of all that fiery intense chemistry we’ve felt for the past six episodes. But Sonyeoshin has plans. And it’s starting to look like those plans are ugly. At first, it seemed like she was going to do whatever it took to stop the world from being destroyed. But separating Dong Kyung and Myul Mang just as they came together is needlessly cruel. Just what is her end goal? The fate of our couple seems extremely precarious because Sonyeoshin doesn’t seem to care for anyone’s happiness or pain. She watches but doesn’t answer. She sees but doesn’t help. That’s a dangerous enemy to have, and our couple is about to find out just how awful fate can be.

The preview shows Myul Mang forced into the past to relive every moment he unwittingly touched in Dong Kyung’s life and hurt her. Dong Kyung suffers too because this triggers her trauma of everyone who was kind to her, left her, and because he wasn’t there to take her pain away. It looks like Myul Mang returns, but tormented with guilt and shame, asking her to choose herself and the world, and end him. What will Dong Kyung’s decision be?

The only hope here is that she still has her one wish. He never ended up using it because he was already in love with her. Here’s hoping they use it to thwart fate, because these two have had more than enough suffering. Let them be happy and make heart eyes at each other on the subway!


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