4 Questions To Be Answered In The 2nd Half Of

The thrill continues in the second half of SBS’s “Taxi Driver”!

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, “Taxi Driver” tells the story of a mysterious taxi service that delivers vengeance on behalf of victims who are unable to get justice through the law. Lee Je Hoon stars as Kim Do Gi, a former special forces officer who works as a driver for the service.


In episode 8, the drama wrapped up its first half when Rainbow Taxi successfully got revenge on U Data, which had committed all sorts of crimes such as filming and distributing illegal videos, habitual assault, violating animal rights, and conspiring to commit murder.

As the drama enters its second half, below are four questions to watch out for in “Taxi Driver”!

What’s Rainbow Taxi’s next revenge case?

Rainbow Taxi stands on the side of the victims, personally getting revenge on the criminals who committed heinous crimes. Starting with the kidnapping and confinement of the child sex offender Jo Do Chul (Jo Hyun Woo), who received a reduced sentence by pleading mental illness, Rainbow Taxi executed justice on criminals who committed modern-day slavery, school violence, assault and abuse of power, and the filming and distribution of illegal videos. Viewers are curious to find out what new request Rainbow Taxi will receive in order to remove those harmful to society. In the second half of the drama, Rainbow Taxi will round up a voice phishing organization, raising anticipation for the dark heroes’ teamwork as they go undercover to take down criminals.

Will Rainbow Taxi’s law-breaking actions be discovered?

Another interesting point to watch out for is if Kang Ha Na will find out that Rainbow Taxi has been violating the law. In the second half, prosecutor Kang Ha Na will approach the truth regarding Kim Do Gi and Rainbow Taxi. The chase between Kim Do Gi, as he tries to hide the truth, and Kang Ha Na, as she tries to uncover the secret, will add tension to the drama. Furthermore, Kang Ha Na will fall into a deep dilemma regarding the public justice she has defended as she becomes more intertwined with Rainbow Taxi. Viewers are intrigued by the developing relationship between Kang Ha Na and Rainbow Taxi.

Who is the final villain?

Viewers are also beginning to question the plans of the mysterious Baek Sung Mi (Cha Ji Yeon), who is the queen of the underground world. Until now, Baek Sung Mi has partnered with Jang Sung Chul (Kim Eui Sung), the head of Rainbow Taxi. She’s made financial profit while keeping the criminals Rainbow Taxi has kidnapped in her private prison.

However, Baek Sung Mi showed signs of betraying Jang Sung Chul when she secretly tried to sell Jo Do Chul’s cornea while working as a broker for illegal organ transplants. Furthermore, after Jang Sung Chul was attacked by Jo Do Chul, a fissure began to appear between Rainbow Taxi and Baek Sung Mi. Viewers are curious to learn more about her identity as Baek Sung Mi continues to act mysteriously.

Will Rainbow Taxi succeed in their dream of reforming evil?

In episode 2, Jang Sung Chul stated, “I won’t lose to evil, and I’ll win with my own method. We’ll pick up all the surrounding trash, and we’ll isolate them from the world permanently. I’m going to reform them,” sharing the goal of the dark heroes. Due to this resolve, numerous criminals are currently being held in the private prison. However, Jo Do Chul refused to show any remorse for his crimes and tried to lynch Jang Sung Chul. Viewers are wondering if Jang Sung Chul will be able to succeed in his dream of reforming evil and what justice the dark heroes will achieve.

The next episode of “Taxi Driver” airs on May 7 at 10 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, catch up with “Taxi Driver” below:

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