Watch: Park Bo Young And Seo In Guk Experience A Roller Coaster Of Emotions In

tvN has released a captivating highlight reel for the upcoming drama “Doom at Your Service”!

“Doom at Your Service” is a fantasy romance drama about a character named Myul Mang (Seo In Guk), who causes everything he touches to vanish, and a woman named Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young), who puts her life on the line to avoid her fate. After going through life without any grand goals, Tak Dong Kyung suddenly receives the diagnosis that she only has 100 days to live. She calls for doom (myul mang) of the entire world, but instead is found by Myul Mang.

The highlight reel begins with Tak Dong Kyung asking, “Will I die?” Her doctor replies, “If you receive surgery, you’ll live for a year. If you don’t, you have about three or four months left.”

The clip shows a glimpse of Myul Mang, a supernatural being who makes contracts with humans. His voiceover says, “My job is to eternally watch them,” hinting that he doesn’t interfere in people’s lives unless it’s heaven’s will.

The atmosphere completely changes when Myul Mang fatefully lands on Tak Dong Kyung’s doorstep. She stares at him in wonder as she asks, “Who are you?” After simply replying “Myul Mang,” he boldly steps into her home despite the fact she hasn’t even invited him inside. Tak Dong Kyung is completely in disbelief about his identity, but he shows her a glimpse of his power, giving her no choice but to believe him.

Their relationship is filled with endless quarrels. He keeps trying to convince her to sign a contract with him, and she rejects him multiple times. He shows up in different places, like the eatery she goes to and the place she works at. He even plays her chauffeur, and she isn’t afraid to boss him around.

The video takes another rapid turn when Tak Dong Kyung asks Myul Mang to show her his world. Myul Mang coldly says, “I’m not a human being. I don’t have compassion or love. I don’t have such feelings. This is my world.” In the middle of a street, Tak Dong Kyung demands, “Why me? Why one earth is it me?” Myul Mang’s brief response is, “Fate.” Then Tak Dong Kyung mentions the past and points out she saw him in tears once. She says, “I can tell from the way you look at me these days that you’re a good guy.”

The clip also shows the hilarious relationship between Tak Dong Kyung, Myul Mang, and her younger brother Tak Sun Kyung (SF9’s Dawon). Tak Sun Kyung enters Tak Dong Kyung’s room and is beyond shocked when he finds Myul Mang casually hanging out on her bed. Myul Mang greets him, saying, “Hello, brother-in-law.” Tak Sun Kyung acts as a protective brother who chases away any guys near her and bursts into tears when she mentions dying.

Watch the highlight video below!

tvN’s “Doom at Your Service” premieres on May 10 at 9 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki!

Check out an episode one preview here:

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