Watch: ITZY Adds Mafia-Game Twist To Reaction Vid For Their Own

ITZY has shared a fun reaction video—with a unique twist—for their “In the morning” music video!

On May 7, ITZY posted a clip of themselves watching their latest music video for the very first time. However, in keeping with the “mafia game” theme of their new title track, ITZY added an amusing twist: each of the members watched the video separately on different laptops, and one of the five laptops played a different video altogether—meaning that one of the members had to pretend to be watching and reacting to the “In the morning” music video.

The new clip begins with Yeji explaining the rules, and Yuna remarks, “I hope [the mafia] isn’t me, because I really wanted to watch our music video.” Ryujin agrees, “I’m curious about it too.”

Check out ITZY’s reaction to their “In the morning” music video below—and see if you can guess which member isn’t actually watching!

Did you manage to guess which ITZY member was “the mafia”?

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