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Episodes 9-10 of “Taxi Driver” had us rolling on the floor laughing! The zany chapter was a welcome breather after the tremendously intense episodes 7-8 and let us fully appreciate Lee Je Hoon’s versatility from yet another new side. Thanks to Kim Do Gi (Lee Je Hoon)’s many transformations, the highly talented actor is basically showing us his full acting spectrum through “Taxi Driver,” much to our delight.

This time, Kim Do Gi tries a seducing tactic on the villain Rainbow Taxi aims to bring down. Here are seven steps with which he managed to create a most tragic and utterly hilarious love story in the latest episodes.

Warning: spoilers for episodes 9-10 ahead.

Dress accordingly

When Rainbow Taxi’s engineer Choi Kyung Goo (Jang Hyuk Jin) personally falls victim to voice phishing, the team realizes the seriousness of this type of crime as well as the stigma the victims have to endure. Given that the police rarely manage to get the victims their money back, Rainbow Taxi decides to take matters into their own hands. They track down the head of the criminal organization and find her in a Chinese gangster lady who goes by the name Madam Lim (played by Shim So Young). In order to get the passcode to her bank account, Kim Do Gi poses as a gangster-ish businessman and lets his seductive charms play.

One’s outer appearance is a good way to quickly grab someone’s attention, so Do Gi goes for a flamboyant outfit to complement his fine looks, and Lee Je Hoon rocks it! Of course, lots of bling-bling is also necessary to bring the gangster look to perfection.

On a side note, it’s about time that Lee Je Hoon gets a glasses endorsement deal, isn’t it?

Play big

The right outer appearance alone isn’t enough, though. Therefore, Kim Do Gi’s next step is attracting attention through his actions. And what could be more appealing to a ruthless gangster lady than a real man who goes all out and doesn’t even blink an eye when someone attacks him with an axe? While in Madam Lim’s casino, Do Gi successfully presents himself as daring and fearless in front of her, and even makes some money in the process.

Be a gentleman

Even the toughest woman will go weak if an attractive man stands up for her and treats her with the respect a lady is due. Do Gi, who introduces himself as Mr. Wang from China to Madam Lim, behaves like a true gentleman towards her and thus brings out her feminine side – a part of her that must have slumbered for a long time in the ruthless world she lives in. And connecting on an emotional basis since they’re both from the same hometown certainly also helps evoke positive feelings towards Mr. Wang in her.

Do the dirty work in her stead

“A lady shouldn’t get her hands dirty” seems to be Mr. Wang’s motto, which brings the gentleman image Do Gi created to the next stage. When Park Jin Uhn (Bae Yoo Ram), who also goes undercover as a 20-year-old voice phishing trainee, is caught by Madam Lim’s men and the gangster lady is about to kill him, Mr. Wang readily jumps in and does it himself (or rather pretends to). The poor engineer has to suffer a lot this time as Do Gi kicks him into the sea and waves goodbye – a scene that is amusingly reminiscent of iconic noir films with its background music and dialogues.

Flirt with your eyes

A dinner date is the ideal chance for some alone time together that can make romantic feelings blossom. It is also at this occasion that Madam Lim finally lets her guard down in front of Mr. Wang. She’s definitely smitten by him, and we’re not surprised. Who could possibly withstand these gazes? At this point, Mr. Wang hasn’t only succeeded in seducing Madam Lim, but Lee Je Hoon has also succeeded in seducing us (if we weren’t already bewitched by him).

Tease her

Now that Madam Lim’s romantic interest in Mr. Wang is already awakened, the next step is to make her go totally crazy for him. Do Gi skillfully teases her by making her expect more from Mr. Wang, which leads her longing for him to grow even stronger. It’s clear by now that Madam Lim sees him as her man.

Express your feelings

Mr. Wang’s ways of blatantly expressing his feelings towards Madam Lim puts the icing on the cake. He sweet-talks her so much with hackneyed sayings that she can’t help but melt away. Do Gi must have accurately assessed that the gangster lady probably never heard such words in her life but secretly longed for them. As a result, Madam Lim is a goner for Mr. Wang, and their love story can take its hilariously tragic end.

With a few clever tricks the Rainbow Taxi team manages to find out the passcode to Madam Lim’s bank account and successfully retrieves the money. Kim Do Gi, though, makes her believe that her account was cleared out by the police and tells her to run. Madam Lim, who wholly trusts Mr. Wang by now, ends up going on board of a smuggling boat, where Do Gi eventually confronts her with the harsh reality and sends her far, far away.

Episode 10 ends with Kang Ha Na (Esom) taking a picture of Kim Do Gi on his way back home in his deluxe taxi. We can thus expect the next episodes to take a more serious turn again, and I’m looking forward to delving into the show’s main conflict: the vigilantes vs. the law.

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