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On the May 9 episode of SBS’s “Master in the House,” former soccer player and current TV host Ahn Jung Hwan appeared as the “master.”

Arriving at the place that Ahn Jung Hwan had prepared for their “hell training,” Yang Se Hyung said suspiciously, “It’s not even summer but it already feels like a horror special.” Lee Seung Gi said, “It’s because it’s 10 p.m.” and added, “I’m not ready for a horror special yet.”

But ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo, referencing Lee Seung Gi’s psychopath character in the tvN drama “Mouse,” said, “You’re the scariest person here. You’re the criminal.” Lee Seung Gi then got right into character and told him, “You’re too loud,” giving the others a thrill.

In order to test their teamwork, Ahn Jung Hwan matched Lee Seung Gi with Yang Se Hyung and Kim Dong Hyun with Cha Eun Woo. (Shin Sung Rok is not filming “Master in the House” at the moment because of his COVID-19 diagnosis.)

Although Lee Seung Gi and Yang Se Hyung have great chemistry together, Lee Seung Gi revealed, “We’re actually not a perfect fit for each other. I’m very extroverted but Yang Se Hyung is more shy and serious than you’d think.”

Yang Se Hyung said, “Seung Gi has a lot of ideas and you have to take the time to listen to him. If you try to fight his opinion, then it won’t end.”

About Cha Eun Woo, Kim Dong Hyun said, “I’m happy to be partners, but we have the biggest age difference here so I’m a little worried about that.” Cha Eun Woo said, “Now that I think about it, there isn’t a lot that we have done just the two of us. It could be awkward at first, but I think it’ll be fun.”

Some of their teamwork missions involved washing the other’s face and running while piggybacking the other.

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