NCT DREAM Shares Thoughts On Their First Full Album, Mark's Return To The Group, And More

NCT DREAM will be dropping their first full-length album very soon!

On May 10, NCT Dream held an online press conference to celebrate the release of first studio album “Hot Sauce,” which will mark the first full-length album of the group’s nearly five-year career. The album contains ten songs, including the title track “Hot Sauce.”

Renjun commented, “This album is special because it’s a full-length one that the seven members participated in. We’ll do activities that only make happy memories.”

Their title track “Hot Sauce” is a hip-hop song with Afrobeat. The contrast of the unique chanting in the chorus and the minimalist track stands out. The song contains a message that they will show off their strong charms that are like hot sauce. Once fans get a taste of them, they will be addicted for more.

Mark explained, “It’s an amazing song. It is the title track of NCT DREAM’s first full-length album. We’re trying this genre for the first time. Please listen carefully to the chorus that has signature sounds that resemble a spell.”

Jaemin added, “The title track is ‘Hot Sauce,’ and we directly expressed our intention to show a true, intense, and hot taste. The song contains a message that we’re going to show NCT DREAM’s unique charms, so please focus on the lyrics.”

NCT DREAM also talked about Mark rejoining the group for this album. Mark shared, “It was vague for the seven of us to release an album, but when I heard that we were going to be releasing a full-length album, I was very excited. It felt very meaningful to participate in our first full-length album with my six members, and I wanted to work hard. My members played pranks on me without feeling awkward around me and warmly welcomed me, so I was happy.”

Renjun added, “When Mark left the group for a while, it felt like he was away for a different activity and that he was eventually coming back. Since the seven of us, who are very different from each other, came together, it feels like this album became stronger with NCT DREAM’s style. Mark has always been a part of NCT DREAM.”

NCT DREAM’s goal for this promotion is to enjoy everything happily. Renjun said, “I hope this activity will be an unforgettable one. Our goal is to focus on having fun, being happy, and working hard rather than thinking about rankings and achievements. I think happiness, enjoyment, and hard work are the most important things.”

Chenle commented, “Apart from good results, I hope we have fun without regrets. I want to make good memories.”

Lastly, Jaemin said, “I am very grateful to the fans who are already giving us so much love. I am really happy because I was looking forward to my first full-length with NCT DREAM. We prepared a lot for our fans. Please pay a lot of attention to the comeback show. I hope you love our first full-length album.”

“Hot Sauce” will be released on various music sites on May 10 at 6 p.m. KST.

Watch NCT DREAM on their reality show “NCT LIFE : DREAM in Wonderland” below!

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