BoA Shares Her Support After Her Brother Kwon Soon Wook Opens Up About Cancer Diagnosis

BoA shared some words of encouragement for her older brother when director Kwon Soon Wook talked about his cancer diagnosis on Instagram.

On May 10, Kwon Soon Wook posted on his personal Instagram account:

Hello, this is director Kwon Soon Wook.

Starting last year, my body wasn’t well, and I kept repeating the cycle of taking a break from work and coming back, disappearing and returning.

But now I have learned that I am in a serious condition and the medical opinion is that I do not have much time left.

I have developed peritoneal cancer and it has progressed to Stage 4.

I was suffering from peritonitis, and around the end of December of last year, the stent in my body pierced the intestine to cause intestinal perforation. Along with unspeakable pain, I had to undergo emergency surgery.

The prognosis is not good and at the moment the hospitals have estimated my life expectancy at two or three months. There was no difference in the prognosis whether it was at the hospital where I did my surgery or the other hospitals I visited since.

I cannot believe how something like this could happen to me, how something that seems out of a nightmare could be real, but I face the truth every time I wake up.

Right now, I haven’t been able to eat for two months due to intestinal obstruction and my body weight has dropped to 36 kilograms (about 80 pounds). My body cannot retain even a drop of water, so my thirst is beyond what I can express with words. I have to live with an IV solution, so it’s very difficult for me to move around.

My mother says that I will get better, but I have lost a lot of confidence after the doctors and hospitals gave me up from a medical perspective and I saw my body lose more of its function day by day.

However, I am continuing what treatment I can until the end, and despite the tears I shed every day through the eternal pain, I am doing my best not to lose hope.

It’s the first time that I’ve cried because I wasn’t able to eat a spoonful of rice.

Because I am at an age where I should be overflowing with energy for work and I was absolutely fine even just a few months before, I have realized anew the frightening pace that cancer can work even on someone who is still young.

When I have the energy, I will share some more news as it happens. I’ve realized how tiring it can be to share something like this on social media.

I pray that everyone will take good care of their health and not have to endure this pain. Goodbye for now.

On the post, BoA commented, “I love you, oppa! We can win this together! I’m definitely going to make you ramyun someday. We have to eat it together. I think that you’re a really strong person. The coolest and strongest person I know. Thank you for showing such strength every day.”

Kwon Soon Wook has directed music videos like BoA’s “Game” and “Only One,” as well as Girl’s Day’s “Twinkle,” MAMAMOO’s “Piano Man,” Red Velvet’s “Be Natural,” and more. He has also directed the web dramas “Bong Soon – A Cyborg in Love” and “The Reward of Waiting For Love” (literal translation).

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