Mnet’s “Kingdom: Legendary War” (hereafter “Kingdom”) has released two new clips previewing the chemistry between their upcoming rap units!

In the upcoming third round of “Kingdom,” ATEEZStray Kids, and BTOB will form one team, while THE BOYZSF9, and iKON will form another. The two teams will go head-to-head in vocal unit, rap unit, and dance unit performances that feature each team’s vocalists, rappers, and dancers collaborating with each other as intergroup units.

The first team’s rap unit consists of Stray Kids’ Changbin, Han, and Bang Chan, BTOB’s Minhyuk, and ATEEZ’s Hongjoong. The second team consists of iKON’s Bobby, THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo, and SF9’s Hwiyoung. To test their chemistry, the groups participated in one-on-one chats, asking each other questions while making eye contact for 120 seconds.

The first clip begins with Stray Kids’ Changbin and BTOB’s Minhyuk, and Minhyuk immediately asks when Changbin is going to come over to his house. They jokingly banter for a bit before Changbin asks, “Who’s your favorite Stray Kids member?” Minhyuk replies while laughing, “It’s not you.” He eventually reveals that it’s actually Lee Know, before adding, “From this moment on, it’ll be Changbin.”

Next are the leaders of Stray Kids and ATEEZ, Bang Chan and Hongjoong. Hongjoong asks Bang Chan which member listens to him the least and he immediately responds, “Changbin.” Hongjoong then asks what he does when Changbin doesn’t listen to him, and Bang Chan replies with a giggle, “I just leave him.” Bang Chan goes on to ask, “What food do you like?” and Hongjoong adorably comments, “It feels like we’re on a blind date.”

When paired with Stray Kids’ Han, BTOB’s Minhyuk comments on how unusually nervous Han is. Han then spends the whole 120 seconds talking about how Minhyuk is a celebrity he’s always liked, which makes him nervous because the moment feels surreal.

Check out the full video with English subtitles below!

Over on the second team, iKON’s Bobby and THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo discuss their Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) types, blood types, piercings, and more. Sunwoo then asks, “Do you think Hwiyoung and I are doing well?” Bobby laughs and responds, “You’re doing so well. If anything, I feel a bit embarrassed.”

iKON’s Bobby then sits with SF9’s Hwiyoung as they talk about their hometowns. Hwiyoung explains that although he’s from Busan, he cannot speak in Busan dialect because his mother does not. Bobby then asks whether his father speaks in the dialect, but Hwiyoung misunderstands and replies that he does have a father, causing a commotion when they both grasp the situation.

Sunwoo and Hwiyoung are the final pair, and they start off by complimenting each other. Sunwoo comments that he heard everything he talked about with Bobby earlier, making it harder to come up with questions. They start talking about Hwiyoung’s shoes, their ramen and kimchi preferences, and when they began rapping. Lastly, Sunwoo comments, “Your forehead is pretty.”

Watch “Kingdom” with English subtitles below!

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