Jin Goo Talks About How He Was Cast In

On May 11, actor Jin Goo appeared as a guest on the KBS 2TV show “Problem Child in House.”

During the episode, Jin Goo expressed his gratitude toward screenwriter Kim Eun Sook, who wrote “Descendants of the Sun.” “Kim Eun Sook is a master and when she said that she wanted to cast me, I didn’t care if it was a tough guy role or not, I was grateful to have been chosen. Thankfully, I think that she created a character who fit me perfectly.”

Asked how he had been cast in “Descendants of the Sun,” he said, “As a joke, Kim Eun Sook told me she cast me after I made her bibim guksu [spicy mixed noodles]. I was learning how to cook for the ‘Le Grand Chef’ movie I was doing, but somehow I ended up meeting Kim Eun Sook. We greeted each other and became friendly and she asked if I would make her something good. She said that a lot of famous people often visited the writers’ office and she said she’d set something up for me. I ended up making her bibim guksu but she remembered that and brought it up again later.”

Jin Goo, who made his debut in the drama “All In,” said, “I learned afterward that I had beat out a competition of 2000 to 1. It was the first time I’d ever gone to an audition. I imagined that an audition would be like hundreds of people lining up at the door and going in one batch at a time to perform in front of judges. In real life, I went to the SBS set and there were only three people there, including me. I thought it must be a small drama since the auditions were so small. I felt that I stood a chance. The assistant director gave us 15 minutes to memorize the script. They spoke to us informally and I didn’t feel good about that. I felt like they were being disrespectful, so I also went on the offensive.”

He continued, “I told them that I would memorize it if they taught me, and they agreed, but I ended up not memorizing it. When I started the audition by telling them that I hadn’t memorized it, they asked me if I was drunk. I didn’t know that they could hear me and I said something rude about them speaking informally. In the end, I had to read the script during the audition. Afterward, I walked down the hall thinking I’d failed. The director called after me, ‘Hey!’ Even that ‘Hey!’ felt offensive, so I decided to turn around and give them a piece of my mind if they were rude to me again. But instead, he said, ‘Tomorrow, get your hair cut in the style of a male high school student from the 1980s by 10 a.m. Don’t go to a salon but to a barber.”

Jin Goo concluded, “The next morning I went and got my hair cut. I was cast, but I was warned not to take it for granted. For a whole month, the child actors all studied the script together. We were often told, ‘This doesn’t mean you’ve made it. You could be cut at any time.’ I had no idea what scale the drama was on. I watched it with my mom and my hands started shaking. I thought, ‘Oh, I made a big mistake.'”

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