Kingdom: Legendary War” has dropped another preview of the third round!

Titled “NO LIMIT,” this round is about the competing groups joining forces and taking the stage together to put on a total of six unit performances. ATEEZStray Kids, and BTOB form one team called Mayfly, while THE BOYZSF9, and iKON form another team called It’s One. The two teams will go head-to-head in inter-group vocal, rap, and dance unit performances.

The video starts off with the unit groups meeting together. First, it shows a glimpse of It’s One’s dance unit.

THE BOYZ’s Juyeon is the first one in the practice room, and SF9’s Taeyang is the next one to arrive. The air is full of awkwardness as they greet each other, but the ice is broken when iKON’s Donghyuk enters the room. Juyeon comments, “You’re dressed so nicely,” and Donghyuk responds with a friendly “thank you.”

Donghyuk suggests that they should first decide who will be called hyung. In Korea, people that are born in the same year are considered to be “friends” and usually require no special deference or honorific when speaking to each other. However, people born in January or February (prior to the start of the school year in March) can enter the grade of the students born a year before, and might be considered to be part of that age group rather than the one of their birth year.

Donghyuk was born in January 1997, Taeyang was born in February 1997, and Juyeon was born in January 1998. Donghyuk comments, “Now this is where it gets interesting,” and Taeyang and Juyeon laugh in agreement. After much discussion, Juyeon shares that he calls two of his members who are born in 1997 hyung, so he decides to call Taeyang and Donghyuk hyung as well.

While It’s One’s dance unit is off to a slow but warm start, Mayfly’s dance team is already getting along with ice cream that BTOB’s Peniel bought them. ATEEZ’s Wooyoung chats on the phone with BTOB’s Eunkwang, who is in the vocal unit, and brags that Peniel got expensive ice cream for the idols and staff members. Eunkwang jokes, “Don’t lie! You’re using the company card!”

Then Eunkwang comments, “Peniel, I heard you’re the leader [of Mayfly’s dance team].” Peniel jokes, “BTOB’s leader didn’t buy me anything like this, so while being the leader of Mayfly, I thought I should fix that.” Their sweet bickering makes everyone laugh, and their compatible energy shoots through the roof.

The preview also gives a peek at the six powerful and creative performances by the two teams. The end of the clip shows the special evaluation group, which includes Super Junior’s Shindong and Donghae, choreographer Lia Kim, and a popular producer.

This episode of “Kingdom: Legendary War” will air on May 13 at 7:50 p.m. KST. Check out the new preview below!

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