Jessica And Krystal Talk About Future Plans For Marriage, Ideal Types, Current Worries, And More

On May 13, Jessica shared a video on her personal YouTube channel where she shared drinks and chatted with her sister Krystal and their two friends, model Irene and sound engineer Yang Yung Eun.

In the video, Jessica said, “We’re going to have an honest chat over drinks.” Jessica then joked, “Krystal doesn’t have a lot of friends,” but Krystal fired back, “I have more than you.” Jessica uploaded a post asking for questions from fans that the friends and sisters could answer.

Asked what she would be doing if she wasn’t a singer, Jessica replied, “I think I might have become a mom. Our mom gave birth to me when she was 27.”

Jessica shared that Krystal wasn’t good at drinking and said, “I felt that we couldn’t become drinking buddies. But the depth of conversation is different when you’re sober and when you’re drinking.” Krystal said, “Why do you have to drink together to become friends? When there’s a staff dinner or a group dinner, I drink. When I meet up with my family, it’s tough for me to drink multiple days in a row, so I prefer not to. But when I don’t, unni gets annoyed at me.”

Jessica said, “She’s always pushing me off. She gets drunk with other people, but when I suggest we go for drinks, she says that she’s not feeling well. I decided that I wouldn’t even ask her anymore.”

Asked about their current concerns, Jessica said, “When I was younger, I didn’t take care of my body at all. Now I wish I had managed my health better when I was younger. I had a phobia of hospitals, blood, and needles to the point where I’ve fainted. It’s not like that anymore and I’m trying to become friendlier with the hospital.”

Krysta said, “I don’t think that concerns always remain concerns. I don’t go through life with a lot of big worries.” Jessica said, “I’m concerned about you. Soo Jung [Krystal’s Korean name]’s health isn’t great either. When I get on a plane, I fall asleep right away, but once she woke me up because she had a really bad nosebleed.”

Asked about her ideal type, Krystal said, “Brad Pitt. Tom Hardy. I like guys who look manly.” Krystal and Irene then said they both get scolded by Jessica about their dating styles. Krystal said, “I’m the type to pour everything into a relationship because I don’t want to have regrets later.” Jessica said, “I get that, but you have to draw the line at some point. Think about it from the guy’s perspective. If you do everything for them all the time…” Krystal said, “I think it’s important to meet someone who has the same love language as you.”

The sisters were also asked about their ideal wedding. Krystal said, “When I debuted at age 14, I thought that when I got to the age that I am now, I would already be married. That’s how far my late twenties seemed at the time. And that’s around when our moms got married. But suddenly I turned 28.”

The other girls asked Jessica when she was getting married and she said, “I will get married at some point. When the timing is right.”

Check out the video (with subtitles) below:

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