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Ever since news of Red Velvet’s Irene being cast in her first movie role dropped, “Double Patty” had some serious anticipation forming behind it. The film marked her first silver screen role, and she appeared alongside up-and-coming actor Shin Seung Ho. It was well-received by audiences and had a successful premiere in theaters, ranking in the top five films on its premiere day and reaching 10,000 views within its first week of release. “Double Patty” embarks on a warm and relatable journey of young people who fight to chase their dreams, gaining its peculiar title to represent the hunger of those who work tirelessly in this pursuit. Here are four reasons why you should cuddle up with a loved one and watch “Double Patty” tonight!

It’s a relatable and inspiring story

Whether you’re struggling with something personal or doing your best during the pandemic, it’s safe to say that we are all looking for inspiring and relatable stories that console our hearts. “Double Patty” follows the transition of youth to adulthood through the story of Lee Hyun Ji’s (Red Velvet’s Irene) and Kang Woo Ram’s (Shin Seung Ho) pursuit of their childhood dreams. Hyun Ji is an aspiring anchorwoman, who works tirelessly and independently to chase her dream. She’s very determined, though quite reserved, and struggles to accept the help of others. Meanwhile, Woo Ram is a ssireum (Korean wrestling) athlete who has quit due to an injury and the death of his mentor. Prior to meeting, the pair seem lost in life while their childhood friends in the same respective fields are thriving. But once they meet, they inspire each other to keep moving forward and chase after what they want to do.

The film’s message is very similar to those in the coming of age genre; however, it particularly stands out as it covers the period after graduating school. Usually, these films build up to the characters choosing their dream and graduating with the promise that everything will work out. “Double Patty” showcases the floundering, lost feeling that life can throw at you as you graduate and become an adult, and promises that you don’t have to face it alone — you can find someone to rely on and celebrate the victories together.

Irene and Shing Seung Ho’s chemistry drives the story

Like any coming of age film, Hyun Ji and Woo Ram’s story begins with several serendipitous coincidences. It begins with Hyun Ji reading about the death of his mentor over breakfast while Woo Ram walks by the same restaurant, grief-stricken with the news. Coupled with stolen glances (more so on Woo Ram’s part), the pair seem to just barely cross paths a few more times before officially meeting in the 24-hour diner where Hyun Ji works. Although it’s a bit cheesy, it feels warm, familiar, and comforting. The pair perfectly express the awkwardness and strength that you find in friends when you feel lost, especially as you begin to enter adulthood. They’re each other’s strength and pillar, and their acting lives up to the fact that they’re the heart of the film. As a viewer, you’ll root for both of them to succeed and anticipate them sharing their victories with the other.

The mouth-watering food shots

Considering the film is named after food, it comes as no surprise that there’s a fair amount of mouth-watering food shots. The double patty looks fresh and delicious, but so do all the other meals that the characters eat like hot pots, monkfish, and tuna and rice, to name a few.

It’s rather satisfying to see the food being cooked or plated. The bright colors and sizzling sounds are very satisfying. But the best part about the food in this movie is that, much like in real life, it brings the characters together. The double patty, in particular, comes at a time in the movie when Woo Ram is at his lowest. When he first walks into the 24-hour diner, it comes after he is reminded to eat, not skip meals, and take care of his body. Afterward, we see both Woo Ram and Hyun Ji satisfying their hunger physically, but also metaphorically as they begin to grow more confident in chasing their dreams. Not only does it make you as a viewer hungry, but it will also make you want to cook and eat a meal with your loved ones as well to gain strength and support. In fact, this is the perfect film to cozy up with your family or friends while you share a meal (or even just popcorn and candy) together.

The soothing OST

The music in “Double Patty” perfectly fits every scene. From the suspenseful sounds that play during Woo Ram’s wrestling scenes to the heart fluttering tunes when he’s with Hyun Ji, the movie’s score has the ability to make your heart swell. The most memorable is Irene’s OST, “A White Night.” It plays a few times throughout the movie and also during the credits. Her simplistic and comforting voice captures the warm feeling of the film. You can’t help but feel relaxed as if you’re cozied up under a warm blanket or nonchalantly sipping on a warm drink. Her tone beautifully exudes the film’s message, that everything will be okay and to keep working towards your dreams.

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