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It’s been a few weeks now since “Vincenzo” aired its final episode. Many fans were torn and emotional about having to move on from Vincenzo and his Geumga Plaza crew. The series put viewers on an emotional rollercoaster, and although it may be hard to move on, there are a lot of K-dramas out there that might be able to help lessen this pain. If you loved “Vincenzo,” here are some other shows you can check out.

Writer Park Jae Bum

Park Jae Bum has been writing K-dramas for over 10 years now, and his repertoire is a successful one. There was a lot of anticipation and high expectations when it was announced that he would be coming out with a mafia-based K-drama and that the leading man would be none other than Song Joong Ki. If you liked the large supporting crew and humor that was in “Vincenzo,” it is definitely worth it to check out some of his other hit K-dramas.

Good Doctor

“Good Doctor” stars Joo Won as Park Shi On, a doctor who has autism. Although he is considered to have the social awareness of a 10 year old, he is a genius and becomes a successful pediatric surgeon. He is put in a hospital with Kim Do Han (Joo Sang Wook), another pediatric surgeon, and the two often argue about various cases.

The series was not only a huge success in South Korea, but it also gained international recognition; the U.S. did a remake of it and it recently got renewed for its 5th season. Park Jae Bum also won the Best Writer award at the Korea Drama Awards in 2013 and a lot of the cast was able to receive best actor awards that same year. One of the most notable aspects is that the drama was given a plaque and award for raising awareness about autism.

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Good Manager

Another massive success from Park Jae Bum was “Good Manager.” The series stars Namgoong Min as Kim Sung Ryong, a former accountant for gangs who stumbles into working as the chief of accounting in a big company. He fights to keep the company afloat while meeting friends and enemies along the way.

The series started off strong and the ratings only continued to climb with each week. Viewers couldn’t get enough of Namgoong Min’s quirky character as well as his budding bromance with Seo Yool (Junho). The bromance between the two became a hot topic, and they even snagged the best couple award at the KBS Drama Awards in 2017.

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The talented and beautiful Jeon Yeo Been

For those who have watched Jeon Yeo Been’s past works, it’s no secret that she’s a phenomenal actress who is finally getting the recognition she deserves. Her role as Hong Cha Young in “Vincenzo” was very quirky with her spurts of dancing and higher than life personality – she did not disappoint. If you’re looking for more of Jeon Yeo Been, these are some of her other projects to check out.

Melo Is My Nature

Jeon Yeo Been stars in “Melo Is My Nature” as Lee Eun Jung, a woman who is 30 years old and a director of documentaries. She has two best friends, Im Jin Joo (Chun Woo Hee) and Hwang Han Joo (Han Ji Eun). The series documents the hardships of life and love as these three women all face various obstacles together.

Probably the most notable drama of Jeon Yeo Been before “Vincenzo” was “Melo Is My Nature.” Her character from the latter drama is very different from that of Hong Cha Young. Lee Eun Jung is calm, dark, and has a very quiet but strong demeanor. Her character in this series was the one that caught the eyes of many, thanks to her subtle, but strong and impressionable role. It’s an underrated drama that was made memorable as a result of the cast and their incredible acting!

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“Night In Paradise”

“Night In Paradise” is Jeon Yeo Been’s newest role. She plays Kim Jae Yeon, a woman who is terminally ill and happens to meet Um Tae Goo (Lee Tae Gu), an elite member of a gang. The two find solace in each other and are able to relate despite their different lifestyles.

Seeing Jeon Yeo Been in this type of role while she played the outlandish Hong Cha Young in “Vincenzo” was the perfect balance (“Night In Paradise” was released on Netflix while “Vincenzo” was airing). Although the movie is a bit slow paced, if you’re able to focus on the acting between the two main leads, you won’t be disappointed. Jeon Yeon Been’s aura and ability to make viewers believe that she is that character is so powerful and poignant.

Visual King Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki is no hidden gem when it comes to the K-drama world. He debuted in 2008 and has consistently been part of projects that have garnered domestic and international fame. The best part about Song Joong Ki is that he’s not just a pretty face, but he’s also got the acting chops to back it up. Here are some dramas to check out for more Song Joong Ki!


“Triple” is a lesser-known Song Joong Ki drama and one of his earlier works. He plays Ji Poong Ho, a short track speed skater who falls head-over-heels for figure skater Lee Ha Ru (Min Hyo Rin). He is caught in the middle of a love triangle as Ha Ru also has feelings for Shin Hwal (Lee Jung Jae).

The best part about this series is seeing Song Joong Ki wear his heart on his sleeve and act out the emotions of being completely in love. He follows Ha Ru around and confesses his feelings for her several times, which makes for some very swoon-worthy moments. You also get to see a very young Song Joong Ki, and his overwhelming energy and passion is evident in the role.

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Running Man” classics

One of Song Joong Ki’s first big breaks came when he was cast as a member of the hit variety show “Running Man.” He appeared on the first episode and was there until episode 41. Through this variety show, he got the opportunity to show his many charms and was able to gain a lot of popularity. It’s fun seeing how far Song Joong Ki has come in his career, and it’s also adorable seeing his friendship with Lee Kwang Soo blossom!

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The Innocent Man

Song Joong Ki stars in “The Innocent Man” as Kang Ma Ru, an aspiring doctor who has his life ruined by a girl he likes. After getting out of prison, he spends his days planning to get revenge on the girl and ends up falling in love with Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won).

This series was a huge success in Korea at the time. Its melodrama genre and visually appealing cast proved to captivate the attention of viewers. We are able to see a very similar side of Song Joong Ki through his character in this series as we saw him in “Vincenzo.” They are both anti-hero type protagonists and are both seeking to get revenge. Any “Vincenzo” lover would also appreciate this character!

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Revenge storyline

The drive of “Vincenzo” is based on getting revenge on the Babel group and making them pay for all the horrific things they do to Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young. There are a lot of K-dramas that focus on an epic revenge plot line, but these particular recommendations are K-dramas with dark and savage scenes – much like “Vincenzo”!

Heartless City

Jung Kyung Ho stars as Jung Shi Hyun, an orphan whose mother died from a drug overdose. In order to get back at the people who got his mom addicted to drugs and eventually killed, he becomes part of a gang and works his way up in hopes of overtaking the leader who took his mom’s life.

This series is dark and gritty. It has a lot of K-drama elements that are not as common these days, but can still be very appreciated. The revenge theme is very strong with this one as Jung Shi Hyun spends almost his entire life trying to avenge his mother’s death. On top of this, Ji Hyeong Min (Lee Jae Yoon) is also trying to get revenge for the death of his girlfriend. It’s a bleak and somber revenge drama that will have you on the edge of your seat!

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Taxi Driver

“Taxi Driver” is the ultimate revenge series of 2021 so far. It stars Lee Je Hoon as a former secret service official named Kim Do Ki who becomes a vigilante taxi driver. His mother was murdered in cold blood and he made it his life’s purpose to serve others and help them get revenge.

Aside from Kim Do Ki’s personal agenda, there are several stories throughout the series of people being treated unfairly and victims of physical assault. Seeing Kim Do Ki help these helpless people provides a lot of healing as well as excitement. The fight scenes and power of getting revenge on those horrible people all make for a perfect drama.

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