JYP Takes Legal Action Against Invasion Of Stray Kids' Privacy

JYP Entertainment has announced that it has taken legal action on behalf of Stray Kids.

Earlier this year, the agency issued a stern warning that it would be taking legal action against those who invaded Stray Kids’ privacy or violated their personal rights.

On May 18, JYP Entertainment shared an update announcing that they had taken legal action against those who had repeatedly infringed on Stray Kids’ privacy and basic rights. The agency also warned that they were preparing to take additional legal action in the future, including criminal and civil complaints against the spreading of falsehoods about Stray Kids.

The agency’s full statement is as follows:

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

We are informing you about the progress of our legal response to the violation of our artist’s rights.

We previously announced that we would take strong legal action in cases where our artist’s basic rights, including their privacy and personal rights, were violated. In spite of this, there has been repeated senseless behavior [by certain individuals], and as a result, our artist is currently enduring severe psychological suffering.

Therefore, after obtaining evidence and witness testimony about the individuals who are routinely violating our artist’s privacy and basic rights, we have taken legal action against them, and with the help of an investigative agency, we are currently preparing to file additional legal complaints.

Additionally, we are currently gathering evidence about criminal acts that defame and insult our artist’s character, such as the spreading of falsehoods or malicious calumny about Stray Kids, through our own monitoring; and in keeping with company procedure, we plan to take strong civil and/or criminal action in response. There will be no leniency or settlements in our response.

Once again, we are notifying you that in the future, we will continue to take strong legal action without leniency against all acts that violate our artist’s personal rights and that hinder their ability to promote safely. We also ask fans to actively report any evidence they may have gathered related to these sorts of illegal acts.

Thank you.

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