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Upcoming audition program “LOUD” has unveiled their contestants!

SBS’s “LOUD” is an audition program by JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young and P NATION founder PSY, who will create two new boy groups that will debut separately under their respective agencies. The program will not only focus on the contestants’ singing and dancing skills, but also their artistic talents in a wide array of fields, including songwriting, producing, arranging, musical instruments, and the fine arts.

In the newly released teaser, the two combine their names to create “JYPSY” and Park Jin Young asks that for the teaser, they use the song “Gypsy Woman” by Lee Chi Hyun, an artist from the 80s.

As they’re gradually introduced to their contestants, the judges make comments like, “My heart started beating,” and “I think you’re the exact problem we were looking for.”

Ahead of the premiere, SBS released individual clips of all 75 contestants with their name and age. Check them out below!

Na Yun Seo (age 12)

Hong Yeon Sung (age 13)

Koki (age 13)

Maden Moon (age 13)

Kim Dong Hyun (age 14)

Lee Dong Hyeon (age 15)

Song Si Hyun (age 15)

Kim Jeong Min (age 15)

Yang Seung Soo (age 15)

Kang Gie Mook (age 15)

Riku (age 15)

Moon Hyeok Joon (age 16)

Justin Kim (age 16)


Kim Hyun Joon (age 16)

Oh Sung Jun (age 17)

Lin (age 17)

Do Min Kyu (age 17)

Amaru (age 17)

Kim Sung Min (age 17)

Lee Tae Woo (age 17)

Lee Min Kyu (age 18)

Daniel Jikal (age 18)

Jung Soo Min (age 18)

Jeon Kyu Min (age 18)

Lee Gye Hun (age 18)

Cheon Jun Hyeok (age 18)

Kwon Yoo Seob (age 18)

Kim Se Gon (age 18)

Yoon Hwan (age 18)

Eun Hwi (age 18)

Haruto (age 18)

Lee Ye Dam (age 19)

Kim Joo Sung (age 19)

Lee Sang Woon (age 19)

Kim Young Suk (age 19)

Kang Ha Yoon (age 19)

Lim Kyeong Mun (age 19)

Park Yong Geon (age 19)

Choi Jae Heum (age 19)

Jang Hyun Soo (age 19)

Ahn Jae Ho (age 19)

Youn Dong Yeon (age 19)

Jung Tae Jin (age 19)

Kim Min Seoung (age 19)

Lee Tae Gun (age 19)

Jang Hee Won (age 19)

Kim Tae Sung (age 19)

Edward Park (age 20)

Ellery Hyeon Bae (age 20)

Park Han Bin (age 20)

Lee Kang Joon (age 20)

Nam Yun Seung (age 20)

Kim Min Seo (age 20)

Tsubasa (age 20)

Woo Kyung Jun (age 20)

Choi Tae Hun (age 20)

Park Hyun Min (age 20)

Kwak Chan (age 21)

Kim Do Young (age 21)

Shin Hae In (age 21)

Song Joon Hyuk (age 21)

Lee Su Jae (age 21)

Ham Mo Hyup (age 21)

Choi Soo Woong (age 21)

Kim Myung Kyu (age 21)

Kim Hyun Soo (age 21)

Kang Hyun Woo (age 22)

Kim Min Hyuk (age 22)

Tatsunari (age 22)

Zo Doo Hyun (age 22)

Lee Seung Hwan (age 22)

Kim Dae Hui (age 22)

Jo Min Ki (age 22)

Yoon Min (age 22)

For the broadcast of “LOUD,” SBS is pairing up with “The Penthouse 3” and taking over the Saturday time slot previously occupied by “The Penthouse 2.” After airing two episodes a week for Season 1 and 2 of “The Penthouse,” Season 3 will only air once a week on Fridays. “LOUD” will premiere on Saturday, June 5 at 9 p.m. KST.

Start watching “The Penthouse 2” below!

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