Watch: Lee Seung Gi And Lee Hee Joon Throw Themselves Into Fight Scene Even Off-Camera In

tvN shared the behind-the-scenes clip from episodes 18 and 19 of “Mouse”!


The video starts with Kyung Soo Jin joking that it’s been a long time since she met Lee Hee Joon for a scene. However, the two actors soon get into the rhythm of the scene, despite the cold making them have difficulties with their lines.

In the next scene, Park Ju Hyun fusses over a prop bag and Lee Seung Gi takes this chance to talk about his time in the military with the director. Uninterested, Park Ju Hyun pretends to leave and Lee Seung Gi grabs her by the hand to start filming the scene.

The next scene is a fierce fistfight between Lee Hee Joon and Lee Seung Gi’s characters in the police station, but the two actors have a lot of fun pretending to beat each other up. Once Park Ju Hyun joins in the scene, Lee Hee Joon finds it difficult to keep up with the younger actors’ stamina. Nevertheless, he encourages Park Ju Hyun to really grab onto him in the scene and continues to do the collar-grabbing moment with Lee Seung Gi even when the camera is focused on Park Ju Hyun.

The final scene is the death scene of Detective Shin, Block B’s P.O’s character in the drama. As a white sheet is draped over P.O, he grins at the camera and says, “This feels weird. I feel like I should cry.” He then jokingly complains, “You should’ve saved me sooner. I can’t believe I’m dying with only one episode left.”

Check out the clip below!

“Mouse” aired its final episode on May 19. Check the drama out below!

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