The cast of “Imitation” answered questions about their characters in quiz format!

The newly released video begins with the cast playing a game to check their teamwork. Given a certain word or phrase, the actors have to express the word with their bodies. When given the word “heart,” everyone uses their fingers to make a small heart except Jung Ji So. For the word “gwiyomi” (cutie), only U-KISS’s Lee Jun Young does a different pose. However, he explains that it’s because the ending fairy scene that Jung Ji So created on “Music Bank” is too adorable. ATEEZ’s Yunho agrees, “I think you’re right.” Lee Jun Young scolds, “Is this how you’re going to promote the drama?” and the cast apologizes.

Given the term “Imitation,” Jung Ji So, T-ara’s Jiyeon, and Yunho all put their thumbs up after receiving a hint from Jung Ji So. However, Lee Jun Young misses the hint and points to the poster behind him, causing everyone else to explode with anger. Jung Ji So steals Lee Jun Young’s phrase and hilariously asks, “Is this how you’re going to promote the drama?”

When picking characters who best fit the description asked, Jung Ji So, Jiyeon, and Yunho pick Kwon Ryuk (Lee Jun Young) as the character who would make fans most obsessed if they were to debut in real life. Jiyeon shares, “I’m talking about the Kwon Ryuk in the drama, but he has talent and looks. He’s outstanding in everything.” Meanwhile, Lee Jun Young picks Lee Yoo Jin (Yunho) because he’s adorable like a large dog.

Picking the character they think would be the most popular within in the drama, Jung Ji So picks LA LIMA (Jiyeon) for being a figure everyone wants to be, and Jiyeon picks Lee Yoo Jin for his hidden charisma. All four actors choose Kwon Ryuk as the character that needs the most care and attention. Jung Ji So explains, “He has a simple and pure side like a child.”

Asked to pick between SHAX placing No. 1 on the Billboard charts and being happy forever with Lee Ma Ha (Jung Ji So), Lee Jun Young shares that he wants SHAX to top Billboard. Jung Ji So asks, “Do you want to fight?” However, she later adds, “I also wish for SHAX to place No. 1 on Billboard,” and the two fist bump.

Jung Ji So chooses to live alone while being able to eat anything she wants as opposed to eating just samgak kimbap (triangle-shaped rice wrapped in seaweed) with the person she loves because she doesn’t like samgak kimbap. Lee Jun Young asks, “You don’t even like eating it with me?” and Jung Ji So agrees without a second of hesitation. Jung Ji So adds that she would rather eat meat and gopchang (beef intestine) alone.

Jiyeon picks to debut in a girl group while having to perform concerts every year as opposed to debuting solo without being able to hold any concerts. She shares, “I enjoy standing on the stage.” She also choses to be extremely close friends with Lee Ma Ha rather than being lovers with Kwon Ryuk. Touched, Jung Ji So asks, “Do you want to eat gopchang with me later?”

Yunho would rather have a 1 percent chance at Sparkling placing No. 1 on Billboard rather than a 100 percent chance at winning a Gayo Daesang (grand prize). He explains, “I’d do anything if we could even have a 1 percent chance of overcoming SHAX.”

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“Imitation” airs every Friday at 11:20 p.m. KST.

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