Kyung Soo Jin Talks About Working With Kwon Hwa Woon And Lee Seung Gi + Cutting Her Hair Short For

Actress Kyung Soo Jin participated in a series of interviews about the tvN drama “Mouse,” which aired its final episode last week.

In “Mouse,” Kyung Soo Jin played Choi Hong Joo, a producing director (PD). She was involved in a romantic relationship with Sung Yo Han, the character played by Kwon Hwa Woon.

Kyung Soo Jin said, “Kwon Hwa Woon’s character was very cold at the start of the drama, like a psychopath. He wasn’t actually a psychopath, but someone who is very rational and logical at heart, so he came off as very cold. It was a bit difficult for me. Usually actors will share emotions with each other in romantic scenes, but Kwon Hwa Woon was so good at playing his character that it was like acting opposite a tree. I couldn’t exchange emotions at all. I had to take the lead, a softer approach, so I think it came across as more maternal than romantic.”

In an interview, Kwon Hwa Woon had said that he wanted to act with Kyung Soo Jin as a couple again in another project. She said, “I saw that article. Of course, I’m just grateful that he feels like that. I think it’d be fun if we played an older woman-younger man couple. In real life, I’m not the maternal type, but rather the type to respect the other person’s boundaries.”

About her chemistry with the rest of the cast, the actress explained, “There were A, B, C, and D teams in ‘Mouse.’ The filming was as packed as if it was a live broadcast, but we actors were always laughing on set. They were all such great people and considerate of each other. Even though the subject matter was dark, we were always laughing and having fun on set.”

She continued, “In one of the behind-the-scenes videos, I said that I felt awkward around Lee Seung Gi. At first, it was really awkward. But he’s a bright person, so we became friendly soon enough. He had a lot of filming and probably didn’t get a lot of sleep, so I think he’s amazing. Thanks to him, I was able to have fun filming.”

Kyung Soo Jin also shared some insights into her character and her decision to cut her hair for the role. “I thought that Choi Hong Joo was a pretty bright character, but the director and writer said that anyone in her shoes might have thought about suicide. She witnessed murder and someone’s brain being opened up. Choi Hong Joo has a great fear of Han Seo Joon. It didn’t come out in the drama, but the writer said to me, ‘Why wasn’t she able to go home? Probably because he threatened her.’ She experienced great terror and fear at a young age.”

She continued, “I felt the strong impulse to cut my hair. Even just as Kyung Soo Jin, I wanted a style change. In order to make an impactful change, I thought I should change my hair. So I cut it a lot. Actors in general always want to try different characters and genres. I felt that if I got stuck in one style, I would feel trapped in other areas as well, so I cut it off.”

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