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tvN’s “Doom at Your Service” is making viewers’ hearts flutter with its thrilling romance!

“Doom at Your Service” is a fantasy romance drama about a character named Myul Mang (Seo In Guk), who causes everything he touches to vanish, and a woman named Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young), who puts her life on the line to avoid her fate. After going through life without any grand goals, Tak Dong Kyung suddenly receives the diagnosis that she only has 100 days to live. She calls for the doom (myulmang) of the entire world, but is found by Myul Mang instead.


Here are three scenes in which Tak Dong Kyung gradually warms up the cold Myul Mang’s heart:

Realizing the value of his existence

When Tak Dong Kyung understood Myul Mang’s existence and his internal suffering, Myul Mang couldn’t hide his wavering gaze. Myul Mang wanted to end his life of having the power he never wanted, but no one understood his feelings. However, Tak Dong Kyung was different.

After learning about Myul Mang’s life of bringing doom with a simple action regardless of his will, Tak Dong Kyung asked, “How do you live like this? Just like you said, you really are someone who lives his life only thinking about others.” It was impossible to look away from the scene, in which Myul Mang stared speechlessly at Tak Dong Kyung with a trembling gaze.

Being the only human that remembers him

Myul Mang couldn’t hide his shock when Tak Dong Kyung revealed that she remembered him. Myul Mang is a being who is neither human nor god. He’s lived life without making a connection to anyone except So Nyeo Shin (Jung Ji So). However, due to So Nyeo Shin, Tak Dong Kyung vividly recalled the memory of Myul Mang crying at someone’s funeral.

When Tak Dong Kyung shared, “I’ve seen you before,” Myul Mang couldn’t hide his flustered expression despite denying that it was him. As soon as he went home, Myul Mang fell deep into his thoughts while covering his face with his arm.

Reviving his ruin

Myul Mang couldn’t help but be shocked again when Tak Dong Kyung blew life back into his ruined world. After Tak Dong Kyung asked him to show her his world, Myul Mang brought her to a garden in which the flowers had bloomed completely. He verified the nature of his existence by showing how everything became grey with every step he took. Tak Dong Kyung, eyes glistening with tears from sympathy for the lonely Myul Mang, slowly began to head towards him.

However, with every step Tak Dong Kyung took, the plants that had turned lifeless revived. The moment Tak Dong Kyung took Myul Mang’s hands, Myul Mang’s world found color and life again. Shaken from disbelief, Myul Mang experienced a change in heart as he shook away Tak Dong Kyung’s hands.

Myul Mang couldn’t hide his tumultuous feelings for Tak Dong Kyung, who tried to understand how he felt and put life back into what he ruined. After Episode 4, Tak Dong Kyung began to better understand Myul Mang while Myul Mang tried to deny his growing feelings for Tak Dong Kyung, making viewers curious to see how their romance will develop in the future.

“Doom at Your Service” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9 p.m. KST.

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