Kim Seon Ho Explains How Acting Helped Him Overcome Trauma, What Made Him Feel His Popularity From

Kim Seon Ho teamed up with Kenzo Parfums for W Korea!

To fit with the concept of the photo shoot, Kim Seon Ho recalled a story from his youth regarding scents. He shared, “I think I was in high school and had a girlfriend. I grabbed her hand and a scent similar to perfume arose. As soon as I smelled it, I got a bit nervous.”

After tvN’s “Start-Up” helped skyrocket Kim Seon Ho’s popularity, many of his scenes from previous dramas began to circulate among his fans, including a particularly notable one from MBC’s “You Drive Me Crazy.” In the 2018 drama, Kim Seon Ho’s character falls for a girl and tells her, “I can’t get your scent off my body.”

Kim Seon Ho explained that the director had almost decided to cut that line out because it was cheesy. The actor added, “I said, ‘I’ll try it sweetly once, but if it’s weird, please edit it out later.’ On set, the camera director also said that we had to emphasize that line. They were a really easygoing person. After seeing my acting, they immediately said, ‘That’s good!'”

Regarding his rising popularity after “Start-Up,” Kim Seon Ho revealed that while the drama was airing, he received a congratulatory text from an acquaintance and up until that point, he did not quite understand the meaning of those words. He continued, “After ‘Start Up,’ I filmed my first-ever commercial. Although it was an ad that had been in talks before the drama, I got another ad offer soon after. Then after that, I got more and more. That’s when I knew, ‘This is how you know you’ve gotten a positive response.'”

Kim Seon Ho’s first-ever magazine shoot was back in January 2019, also with W Korea. In that interview, he shared a shocking story of when he witnessed his mother being attacked by a robber when he was a child. Due to that trauma, he revealed that he never thought he’d be able to do work that involved presenting himself in front of others.

However, he began following his friend to an acting academy where he received comfort from a teacher who told him, “Rather than an acting problem, it seems like you have a different problem.” He was able to overcome that trauma through acting, and he shared, “I didn’t know how to form relationships or communicate effectively to others, but through acting, I learned how to navigate social settings.”

Kim Seon Ho spoke more about his childhood, sharing, “Just having a script in my hand made me nervous, as if that alone made me amount to something. I never had any thought of wanting to succeed or make lots of money. When I first started acting, my parents told me this. They said that since they were so poor, they were unable to dream, but that I should live my life while dreaming.”

He continued, “When people ask my parents about me, they say, “I don’t know about anything else, but our son has a dream everyday, without rest.’ When I was younger, I didn’t know any concrete ways to make my dreams come true, but I still had a dream everyday.”

Lastly, Kim Seon Ho commented, “Each person has their own individual scent, but the problem is whether there are other people who recognize that scent. I feel that many new people have been able to discover the scent of Kim Seon Ho. I recently realized that in addition to playing your role well, there are other ways to do your part. If you’re a lead character, you need to be able to create an atmosphere where everyone on set is able to love and cherish one another. I felt that through Nam Joo Hyuk and Suzy,” sharing love for his “Start-Up” co-stars.

Kim Seon Ho is currently preparing for his upcoming tvN drama “Seashore Village ChaChaCha” (literal translation) alongside Shin Min Ah. In this drama remake of the film “Mr. Hong,” Kim Seon Ho will play Hong Doo Shik, who is known as Mr. Hong around town. He is unemployed officially, but he is a master of odd jobs who appears to help everyone in Gongjin with any situation they run into.

Watch Kim Seon Ho in “Welcome to Waikiki 2” with English subtitles here!

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