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Youth of May” has released a new behind-the-scenes video!

The KBS romance drama is about medical student Hwang Hee Tae (Lee Do Hyun) and nurse Kim Myung Hee (Go Min Si), who fall in love amidst the whirlwind of events that take place in May 1980—a historically significant time period in South Korea.

The clip begins with Oh Man Seok and Go Min Si filming the intense scene that takes place after Oh Man Seok’s character Hwang Ki Nam kidnaps Kim Myung Hee to threaten her. Despite the dark atmosphere of the actual scene, the two actors are lively and playful when not filming, with Go Min Si playing around with the rope that her arms are tied up in. Go Min Si also looks at the props and bursts out laughing when she reads that Myung Soo, Myung Hee’s little brother, was born in 1969. Oh Man Seok then mentions that Kim Won Hae, the actor who plays Myung Hee’s father, was actually born in 1969.

The video then shows Geum Sae Rok and Lee Do Hyun filming the scene in which their characters Lee Soo Ryun and Hwang Hee Tae move to Hee Tae’s place in Seoul. Lee Do Hyun continuously struggles with opening the door, and Geum Sae Rok teases, “Hee Tae can’t even open the door of his own home.” They also sit down at the table to film their characters eating, and while rehearsing their lines, they start listing foods they are actually craving at the moment. When filming ends, the two start eating an actual meal with the food provided as props. Even when the lights are turned off on set, they hold a phone light for each other so they can continue eating.

The behind-the-scenes video ends with Hee Tae and Myung Hee’s kiss scene from episode 8. Go Min Si and Lee Do Hyun laugh as they mention that they filmed a kiss scene the day before also for episode 6. They professionally work on figuring out the best angles for the scene, asking each other about hand placement and planning the positioning. Lee Do Hyun also shares, “When I was filming ‘18 Again,’ the camera director told us to meet our foreheads. I asked the director, ‘Who puts their foreheads together when kissing?’ and he said, ‘That’s what adults do!'” As soon as filming begins, they immediately get into character, with Go Min Si tearing up for the emotional kiss scene.

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