Watch: Lee Seung Gi, Park Ju Hyun, And Lee Hee Joon Share Final Messages To Their

tvN’s “Mouse” shared a final look at behind-the-scenes moments on set!


The first video compiles scenes of Lee Seung Gi acting as both a psychopath and “innocent” Jung Ba Reum (Lee Seung Gi). Although he’s full of smiles and laughter behind the scenes at first, Lee Seung Gi quickly gets serious when they film the violent scene in which predator Jung Ba Reum appears.

Lee Seung Gi also discusses with the production team about how to cry so that it seems more believable that Jung Ba Reum isn’t acting. He passionately discusses details of the script with Lee Hee Joon. Although Lee Seung Gi creates a tense atmosphere as he subtly portrays the chilling characteristics of predator Jung Ba Reum, he’s back to being all smiles when the camera stops rolling.

In another making-of video, Lee Seung Gi and Park Ju Hyun discuss how they can get less rained on. However, there seems to be no choice as Park Ju Hyun grabs Lee Seung Gi’s collar and asks, “Why did you give me hope?” Park Ju Hyun talks about how often she films in the rain and adds that even her last action scene will be in the rain. She comments, “I really want to run away. You know this, right? It’s been really warm recently, but it’s cold today.” Worried for Lee Seung Gi as well, she adds, “Lee Seung Gi is also suffering because he met me.” Nonetheless, Lee Seung Gi sweetly takes care of Park Ju Hyun, asking if she got hurt and reassuring her that he’s also doing fine.

In a different clip, Park Ju Hyun thanks viewers for the Best New Actress award at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards. Finally, all the actors take turns thanking the viewers for watching the show and expressing how they felt as their characters. After sharing her gratitude for the viewers, Park Ju Hyun adds, “Bong Yi (Park Ju Hyun), you’ve worked hard getting rained on and doing the action scenes. Even though you are the youngest, you endured well. Good job! I’ll miss you! Thank you, viewers!”

Lee Hee Joon reveals, “It’s the first time I didn’t sleep and suffered this much physically while filming. That’s why I feel more proud, and it’s more memorable.” He adds, “It was a big burden while acting as Go Moo Chi (Lee Hee Joon), but I’m thankful first to myself for doing well until the end.” Lee Hee Joon continues to thank the staff and entire cast. Finally, he adds, “Live well, Moo Chi. Bye.”

Finally, Lee Seung Gi shares, “Ba Reum, your actions and crimes can’t be forgiven. However, as I faced Ba Reum, I felt sadness and pity. I can’t sympathize, but I’ll keep Ba Reum in my heart, so thank you, Ba Reum, for approaching me. Thank you. I was really happy because of the viewers.”

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“Mouse” aired its final episode on May 19. Check out the drama below!

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