Choi Tae Joon Supports Sooyoung To Stand Up Against Yoo Seo Jin In

So I Married the Anti-Fan” released a new preview of Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, Choi Tae Joon, and Yoo Seo Jin!

“So I Married the Anti-Fan” is a romantic comedy about global K-pop star Who Joon (played by Choi Tae Joon) and his anti-fan Lee Geun Young (played by Sooyoung) who is a magazine reporter.


Previously, Lee Geun Young sent a final warning to the employees when she was fired from work. However, Cha Moon Hee (Yoo Seo Jin) told her not to incite the workers and slapped her face. Lee Geun Young commented, “I’m receiving this hit on purpose. If not right now, you’ll be a bit sorry later,” raising anticipation for how the two will reunite.

In the newly released stills, Lee Geun Young returns to her old workplace while filming for the program in which she pretends to be married to Who Joon. In the meeting for Who Joon’s pictorial, Lee Geun Young rejects Cha Moon Hee with a frozen expression when she sees her own stolen project proposal confidently submitted by Cha Moon Hee.

Cha Moon Hee looks back at Lee Geun Young with a cold expression after her unexpected course of action. She sarcastically attacks Lee Geun Young, wounding Lee Geun Young once again with her sharp words. However, Lee Geun Young also lets out what she has been holding back inside her heart, creating a fierce battle. Who Joon, who has secretly been listening in on them, will give a warning to Cha Moon Hee, giving viewers the refreshing scene they’ve been craving.

The production team shared, “In this week’s broadcast, Lee Geun Young, who was fired in the worst way, will reunite with Cha Moon Hee. The acting skills of Sooyoung, who expresses sorrow, and Yoo Seo Jin, who continues to coldly strike [Lee Geun Young’s heart with] daggers until the end, heightened the immersion of the scene to the greatest level. Please tune in to the broadcast to check out the close battle between the two who won’t hold back.”

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