WEi's Kim Yo Han Hangs Out With His Younger Sisters And Asks About Their Boyfriends On

On the latest episode of MBC’s “The Manager,” WEi’s Kim Yo Han spent a day with his two younger sisters!

Kim Yo Han headed to a café to meet his sisters Kim Bo Bae and Kim Bo Eun and his father on Children’s Day (May 5), a national holiday.

Kim Yo Han’s manager explained, “Yo Han comes from a taekwondo family. His younger sisters also go to a middle school and high school for sports.” He also shared, “It’s widely known among his fans that Yo Han is a fool for his younger sisters. Once, he went to Gwangju to watch and cheer for his sister during her match despite his busy schedule.”

At the café, the youngest sister Kim Bo Eun handed Kim Yo Han a few sheets of paper and asked him to sign them for her friends, which he agreed to without hesitation. His father talked about how difficult it was to make friends outside of their own sport, and Kim Yo Han shared that he had been close with the wrestling department. Hearing this, the two sisters began to act suspicious and whisper among themselves about the wrestling department. Kim Yo Han asked with a slightly displeased face, “Do you have a boyfriend in the wrestling department?” and Kim Bo Eun denied it.

Kim Yo Han and his sisters then headed to a taekwondo gym to film footage for a YouTube video. The three siblings showcased poomsae (sequence of attack and defense forms) in sync, exhibiting their impressive skills. Kim Yo Han was surprised by his sisters’ powerful kicks and looked proud of them.

After wrapping up filming at the gym, they went to eat grilled pork belly with his manager. While enjoying the meal, the manager asked, “As someone who loves his sisters so much, how would you feel if they had boyfriends?” Kim Yo Han responded, “I’ve actually seen [Kim Bo Bae with her boyfriend]. She didn’t tell me about it, but I just caught them together. He had walked her home.”

Kim Yo Han emphasized, “I’m saying that’s how open-minded I am. I’m not conservative,” and told his sister, “I caught you, but I didn’t say anything, right?” But he admitted that the boyfriend was inevitably in an uncomfortable situation because he was Kim Yo Han’s underclassman in middle school.

Kim Bo Bae revealed, “[Kim Yo Han] is conservative. You said you’d break my legs if you caught me walking arm in arm with my boyfriend.” Kim Yo Han replied, “I didn’t say I’d break your legs,” but Kim Bo Bae said, “That’s exactly what you said.” Feeling cornered, Kim Yo Han disclosed, “I didn’t say anything even though I caught you and your boyfriend hugging at the doorstep!” His sister gave in and said soullessly, “[My brother] is not conservative at all. He’s very open-minded.”

Finally, he gave his sisters some allowance, commenting, “I wanted to give you a lot, but I don’t want to spoil you. And Mom will scold me if I give you too much.”

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