SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “Taxi Driver” has ended with a bang!

“Taxi Driver” was a drama about a mysterious taxi service that delivers justice and revenge on behalf of victims who cannot get help from the law. The drama’s main actors Lee Je Hoon, Esom, Kim Eui Sung, Pyo Ye Jin, and Cha Ji Yeon have shared their favorite scenes and lines from the show. See which ones they picked below!


Lee Je Hoon as Kim Do Gi

Lee Je Hoon picked all of Kim Do Gi’s car chase scenes as the most memorable, explaining, “It was especially thrilling every time the car flipped over, and I felt satisfied as a viewer because I could get a proper taste of the essence of car chase scenes.”

As for his favorite line, Lee Je Hoon picked the time Wang Min Ho (Lee Yoo Joon) said to Kang Ha Na (Esom) in episode 5, “Prosecutor, I want you to stick to your organization for a long time. Don’t go after money, don’t go anywhere, and endure it. To hold out in that organization, don’t break down. The bamboo is easily broken by the wind because it’s so straight, but the grass stands back up no matter how hard the wind blows. Act like the bamboo, but get back up like grass. Don’t break down, and endure.”

Esom as Kang Ha Na

Esom revealed that the scene in episode 12 where Kang Ha Na commissions Kim Do Gi to take revenge for her was engrained in her memory. She described, “It’s the scene where Kang Ha Na’s belief that justice should be carried out within the boundaries of law is changed, and the complex changes in Kang Ha Na’s mind were clearly depicted. It left the biggest impression on me because it was the scene where Kang Ha Na, who was experiencing shock and grief from losing a colleague, went through a change and selected Kim Do Gi’s method, a method completely different from hers. It was also the scene where the two people went from standing on opposite sides to heading towards the same goal, becoming a turning point in the drama.”

Kim Eui Sung as Jang Sung Chul

The scene chosen by Kim Eui Sung was Kim Do Gi’s prison action scene in episode 14. Kim Do Gi infiltrated Nakwon C&C to keep his promise with Chief Park (Bae Yoo Ram) to save CEO Jang and Chief Choi (Jang Hyuk Jin). There, he had his final showdown with the villain Baek Sung Mi and her subordinates.

The most memorable line for Kim Eui Sung was, “The weight of your sin doesn’t become lighter because you’re young,” from episode 3, which dealt with school violence.

Cha Ji Yeon as Baek Sung Mi

All of Cha Ji Yeon’s favorites parts were from the ending of episode 12. She shared, “While reading the ‘Taxi Driver’ script, I could feel both sympathy and rage in all of the episodes. The scene that left the greatest impression on me was when the ‘Godmother’ (Baek Sung Mi) pretended she had been betrayed by Secretary Goo (Lee Ho Chul), tricking the Rainbow Taxi team until the end, and then smiled in the car.”

“It was thrilling when she said to CEO Jang, ‘Everything is going according to my plan,’ because it felt like she was the final villain of ‘Taxi Driver,'” Cha Ji Yeon explained.

Pyo Ye Jin as Ahn Go Eun

Pyo Ye Jin picked the explosion of the U Data mine in episode 8 as the most memorable scene, explaining, “I felt like blowing up the mine was Go Eun’s last goodbye to her sister, so I was really sad while filming the scene. In the broadcast, the editing and music added to the scene and helped it turn out well in a way that made the conclusion of the case both cathartic and emotional. I liked that.”

Pyo Ye Jin’s favorite line was “5283 starting service now.” She described, “Every time driver Kim Do Gi said this while coming up the lift, my heart would pound with excitement, so I remember this line the most. I want to keep hearing it.”

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