Lee Soo Hyuk Talks About His Real-Life Personality, New Film With Seo In Guk, And More

Actor Lee Soo Hyuk shared insight into his new filmPipeline” with Seo In Guk!

“Pipeline,” which premiered on May 26, is a movie about a group of thieves and bandits who risk life and limb, hoping to turn their lives around, for an oil heist. Seo In Guk stars as Pindol, the best drilling technician in Korea, and Lee Soo Hyuk stars as Gun Woo, the wealthy mastermind.

Gun Woo is the heir to a large corporation who has sociopathic tendencies, and he doesn’t hesitate to fulfill his desires. Including Pindol, he gathers five people to start an oil heist. However, he starts to commit all sorts of evil when his plans don’t go the way he expects. Although Gun Woo appears to have a clean-cut appearance, he also has a clumsy side.

Lee Soo Hyuk shared, “Unlike the villains in director Yoo Ha’s previous noir genre projects, Gun Woo is a character who has some weak spots. The director said, ‘It’d be nice if you could create a different image and use different expressions and gestures from the ones you’ve shown through dramas,’ so I worked hard to match Gun Woo according to the director’s suggestions. Rather than appearing serious, I tried to show him loosening up and being swayed by the group too. It’s also refreshing how Gun Woo rides a hoverboard when he appears.”

The actor also talked about his satisfaction with portraying Gun Woo, who is far from perfect. He elaborated, “While filming dramas, I control my diet and put in effort to look cool, but in comparison, on the set of ‘Pipeline,’ I think I filmed in a physically comfortable state. I didn’t go on a diet and ate well. I purposefully ate and slept, so I could film with a swollen face. I tried distorted expressions as well. It was nice because I was making unfamiliar expressions I’d also never seen before. If you see the poster, my two eyes are different. I was also surprised.”

Furthermore, Lee Soo Hyuk talked about having a fixed image since he often plays cold-hearted and cool characters. He shared, “In the past, there were only opportunities for me to play a character in a fantasy or an unrealistic figure. That’s why I thought a lot about how to broaden my character options. I tried gaining weight, and I also showed my relaxed side on variety shows. In OCN’s ‘Local Hero’ (2016), I got to show a natural appearance wearing a tracksuit while playing a young person who is unemployed. In the past, there were many aspects that were frustrating, but my thoughts have recently become more flexible. I want to portray unrealistic characters even better, and I also want to show my relaxed side. Now I’ve moved down from director roles to a team leader role, so I’m going to work hard to broaden my options a little more.”

Lee Soo Hyuk revealed that his actual personality is different from his image. He shared, “I’m not really a serious, cold, and cool type. I’m just a man who likes watching films and hanging out with his friends. Rather than a heavy atmosphere, I prefer a refreshing mood. I hope the people who know me think of me as a refreshing, bright, and optimistic person.”

Due to his fixed image, Lee Soo Hyuk expressed his desire to play comical or disheveled characters because the viewers can also feel more comfortable. He added, “I want to act for a long time. I’ll work hard if given the opportunity.” Finally, he shard that he wanted to show a different side of him by appearing on variety shows.

Take a look at the trailer for “Pipeline” here!

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