Watch: Park Bo Young Gives Behind-The-Scenes Tour Of Her Editing Office In

Park Bo Young shared a behind-the-scenes look at tvN’s “Doom at Your Service”!

In the new making-of video, Park Bo Young transforms into Tak Dong Kyung to give a tour of her web novel publishing company called Life Story. When asked about the work-life balance at the company, Park Bo Young shares, “It’s not good. I thought all I had to do was edit. There’s too much to do. CEO, please increase the staff, increase our pay, or negotiate our annual salary.”

Park Bo Young shares a 360-degree look at the Life Story office, mentioning how beautiful it is. She takes the viewers to her seat and introduces where the different characters sit. Mentioning Cha Joo Ik’s (Lee Soo Hyuk‘s) location, she shares, “I’m dissatisfied because we’re too close. Since the team leader is too close, I can’t do anything else. Everyday, I turn [the computer], but I get the feeling he’s watching me.”

The actress continues to reveal the CEO’s seat, showing how he can keep an eye on everyone from his desk while also having privacy in his separate office. Angry at the thought of him scolding Tak Dong Kyung, Park Bo Young shares, “I’ll quit one day.”

Park Bo Young takes the tour to the meeting room where the writers come in to discuss future plans. She also points out that she likes how the pages of a book are stuck up on the wall for decoration. Giving a detailed look at the office’s pantry, Park Bo Young mentions, “This is the furthest place from the CEO’s office. That’s why we drink coffee here, chat, and say some bad things about our CEO.”

Back at the meeting room, Park Bo Young shares her favorite part of the company is the round table made using books. From a shelf, Park Bo Young takes out a blue book titled, “He Always Smells Like Soap,” which is Na Ji Na’s (Shin Do Hyun‘s) web novel. Park Bo Young shares, “This is the novel written by Ji Na, who I love very much. She has to get away from this person who always smells like soap so that she can write an even better project.”

Park Bo Young also introduces the other writers at Life Story, such as Dalgona (Oh Yeon Ah) and Gwigongja (Nam Da Reum), who is going through puberty. She shares, “I thought we just had to manage the writer’s writing, but that’s not it. Our job also includes taking care of the writer’s mental health and removing the elements that distract the writer.” She adds to writer Gwigongja, “Please, behave.” In an extra clip at the end of the video, Park Bo Young shares a brief look at Tak Dong Kyung’s room and her diary.

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