Watch: SHINee's Onew, DAY6's Wonpil, And GOT7's Youngjae Test How Romantic They Are

SHINee’s Onew, DAY6’s Wonpil, and GOT7’s Youngjae sat down with Elle Korea to answer questions about their dating styles!

The three stars are currently starring in the romance musical “Midnight Sun” as Ha Ram, the boy as dazzling as the midday sun, along with NU’EST’s Baekho and musical actor Jo Hoon.

“Midnight Sun” tells the story of Hae Na and Ha Ram who meet and sing the brightest song of the sun. The original story began as a Hong Kong film in 1993, and it was remade into a Japanese novel, film, and drama. The project has continued to receive love from all around the world, and it was also produced into a Hollywood film.

Before the interview starts, they set up a game of mafia, where one person must complete a mission without the others knowing. Wonpil is chosen as the mafia and his mission is to talk about lettuce before the interview is over.

When asked whether they are like or unlike their character Ha Ram, Onew and Youngjae explain that they are both. Onew shares, “In Ha Ram’s case, he confesses his feelings to Hae Na, but I don’t say anything. Even if I like them, I don’t say anything. Even if I don’t like them, I don’t say anything.”

Another question is whether they fall in love gradually or quickly. Wonpil randomly completes his mafia mission as he shouts out, “I want to eat lettuce,” confusing the other two but not creating any further suspicion. Youngjae and Onew pick quickly, but Wonpil says gradually, explaining that he’s never experienced love at first sight.

Later, the group is asked, “If your significant other is crying because they’re going through something big, do you cry with them out of empathy or comfort them and tell them it’s okay?” Wonpil picks A while Onew and Youngjae pick B as Onew comments to Wonpil, “It’s constantly just different here.” Youngjae explains with a laugh, “If I cry, they might cry more.”

Lastly, they’re asked to pick between someone they like and someone who likes them. Once again, Wonpil is the only one who picks A as he shares, “I just like who I like.” Onew responds, “This is right so I think the same. Theoretically, I think that way but it just doesn’t work.”

Watch the full clip with English subtitles below!

“Midnight Sun” will be performed starting from May 1 through July 25 at the Kwanglim Arts Center. The musical will be available for streaming all over the globe. Watch the trailer here!

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