Watch: SEVENTEEN Reacts To Wonwoo And Mingyu's MV For

All the members of SEVENTEEN got together to react to the music video for Wonwoo and Mingyu’s single “Bittersweet” (featuring Lee Hi)!

The video begins with all 13 SEVENTEEN members gathering together in a theater room to watch the music video, complete with popcorn like a real movie theater. The members keep up the act, with Seungkwan and DK talking as if they really did come to see a movie and asking who is starring in it. Woozi comments, “It’s like we’re watching a movie,” and Wonwoo says, “Please enjoy it.”

As the music video begins, the staff add the subtitle, ” All of the interpretations in the video are SEVENTEEN’s own opinions.” It starts out with good-natured teasing, with Woozi quipping, “Why are you guys so slow at running?”, but the members soon get absorbed in the MV’s storyline and the song. In fact, they get so absorbed that they start shouting things like, “It’s a love triangle! It’s a one-sided love! Are you going to fight now? Only Mingyu is getting rained on (TT).”

When it ends, Hoshi asks, “Where is your hospital scene?” Mingyu replies, “That was a lie.” S.Coups quips, “You believed that?” Hoshi says, “I was waiting for it!” Jun and DK said that it was really like a movie and The8 jokes, “I was going to laugh while watching it, but it was so cool.” The members then also share their interpretations before watching the music video again.

Check out the video with English subtitles below!

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