Go Min Si And Lee Sang Yi Have An Exhausted And Melancholy Encounter In

Youth of May” has previewed a sad meeting between Go Min Si and Lee Sang Yi in the upcoming episode.

“Youth of May” is a romance drama about the fateful meeting between medical student Hwang Hee Tae (Lee Do Hyun) and nurse Kim Myung Hee (Go Min Si), who fall in love amid the whirlwind of events that take place in May 1980, a historically significant time period in South Korea.


Last episode, Kim Myung Hee was shocked to hear the news about Hwang Hee Tae, who had gotten into an accident while on his way to obtain a supply of blood. Meanwhile, Lee Soo Chan (Lee Sang Yi) was arrested, but just managed to get free with the help of Hwang Gi Nam (Oh Man Seok), although not before witnessing the tragic sight of his fellow citizens arrested without having committed a crime.

In the new stills, an exhausted Kim Myung Hee meets with a bloodied and bruised Lee Soo Chan. All that Kim Myung Hee can do is wait for Hwang Hee Tae’s return, while all that Lee Soo Chan can do is comfort her. Although he smiles warmly at her when they’re face-to-face, his expression stiffens when he turns his back and walks away.

The production staff stated, “Episode 11 shows the cross-section of the members of society who were sacrificed while trying to protect the ones they loved amid the whirlwind of history. Tune in to see how their individual lives fell apart in the horrors of that infamous day.”

This episode of “Youth of May” will air on June 7 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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