Watch: Choi Jin Hyuk Becomes B.A.P's Youngjae's Personal Trainer On

B.A.P’s Youngjae was put to the test by Choi Jin Hyuk on SBS’s “My Little Old Boy”!

On the June 6 broadcast of “My Little Old Boy,” Choi Jin Hyuk set out to help Youngjae bulk up for his drama filming.

Starting with a leg workout, Choi Jin Hyuk advised Youngjae on the proper position to fully exercise his legs. Although Youngjae was told to only keep one finger on the pole while doing the lunges, he sneakily tried to add more fingers to make the workout easier. Choi Jin Hyuk quickly caught on, telling him, “You’re grabbing on too much with your hand.” Eventually, Youngjae dropped to the floor from exhaustion.

Trying a squat position next, Youngjae fell back onto the ground, stating, “I can’t do this anymore.” He continued, “I won’t do the drama. I just want to live comfortably. I’ll eat the food my mom cooked at home, and I’ll do the dishes my mom tells me to do at home. I’ll just live like that.”

Choi Jin Hyuk replied, “How long are you going to live like that? You need to know how to enjoy pain. It’s muscle because it’s pain,” which is compared to similar statements Kim Jong Kook had made in the past about exercising. Youngjae commented, “Pain is pain. How is it muscle because it’s pain?” Choi Jin Hyuk suggested that they do shoulder workouts instead, but Youngjae’s legs refused to get up. Slapping them, Youngjae told his legs, “Get up! Move!”

Getting more confident, Youngjae revealed that he can pump his muscles more these days. However, Choi Jin Hyuk skeptically asked, “You can?” Youngjae added that he’s exercising his back muscles the most. Choi Jin Hyuk commented, “There aren’t any back muscles here though.”

Youngjae tried to prove himself with chin-ups, causing his arms to tremble. Choi Jin Hyuk asked, “This isn’t an earthquake, right?” Youngjae had to let go of the pole after two chin-ups because of all the laughing. Instead, Youngjae tried to lift the 15-kilogram (approximately 33 pounds) barbell weights, but he sank to the floor due to the unexpected weight.

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