Watch: Go Min Si Tries To Capture Lee Do Hyun For Help With Behind-The-Scenes Content For

Go Min Si gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the set of “Youth of May”!

The video starts with Go Min Si sharing, “I’m at Pyeonghwa Hospital in Gwangju right now.” She explains that the punishment for losing the quiz contest with the cast is to film herself working on the set. Go Min Si catches Lee Do Hyun passing by, but he quickly leaves her to film by herself after a few words of encouragement.

Go Min Si gets help from the staff to put fake blood all over her hands and uniform, revealing that Pyeonghwa Hospital will become covered with blood later. Looking at her clothing, she comments, “If it’s to this extent, I’ve practically been shot in the stomach.”

Trying to look for more content to film, Go Min Si visits Lee Do Hyun in his waiting room. Lee Do Hyun gets flustered and shares, “I’m a bit embarrassed to show myself studying the script.” Go Min Si congratulates Lee Do Hyun on his Best New Actor award at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards, and Lee Do Hyun grabs his slippers to clap with. Surprised, Go Min Si asks, “Are you perhaps going to hit me?” and Lee Do Hyun asks in disbelief, “Why would I hit you?” Lee Do Hyun reveals that it has been over a month since he has seen his pet dog Ga Eul, who is staying at his family’s house.

Outdoors, Go Min Si looks for Lee Do Hyun again and comments that he put his hair down. Lee Do Hyun scolds her saying, “We’re stuck in the hospital because of you.” Go Min Si apologizes by making the camera bow down, but Lee Do Hyun sweetly squats down and says, “It’s okay.”

Go Min Si takes viewers on a tour of the set, including the locations of Kim Myung Hee (Go Min Si) and Hwang Hee Tae’s (Lee Do Hyun’s) first date. She explains that the Gwangju Park Hotel was widely known in the past, and she shares, “Our set is built better that you’d expect, so I’m very satisfied with how our drama is coming out.” As she wraps up filming, Go Min Si shares, “When this drama ends, I hope many people remember the Myung Hee Tae couple since it’s a story about ordinary people during this time.”

In the final extra clip, Go Min Si reveals, “Recently, I filmed the kiss scene everyone wanted to see with Hee Tae. That’s the first kiss scene of my life.” Clapping, she adds, “I’m really grateful it was with Do Hyun. I think it’s an honor. I’m also hoping it comes out looking sentimental and beautiful. I’m embarrassed.”

Watch the full making-of video below!

Catch up with “Youth of May” below:

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