Lee Sang Yi And Geum Sae Rok Experience An Emotional Moment In “Youth Of May”

Youth of May” shared new stills of Lee Sang Yi and Geum Sae Rok!

The romance drama is about the fateful meeting of medical student Hwang Hee Tae (Lee Do Hyun) and nurse Kim Myung Hee (Go Min Si), who fall in love amidst the whirlwind of events that take place in May 1980, a historically significant time period in South Korea.

In the drama, Lee Sang Yi plays Lee Soo Chan, the eldest son of a wealthy family, and Geum Sae Rok plays his sister Lee Soo Ryun, a law student who joins the student movement.


Previously on “Youth of May,” Lee Soo Chan had been taken away by armed soldiers after interfering with them but was released because of his connection to Hwang Ki Nam (Oh Man Seok). Lee Soo Chan begged Lee Soo Ryun to come home in order to appease their worrying father. However, she refused while pointing to the leaflets of missing people. He realized that one of the missing students was someone who had been dragged away with him.

The newly released stills depict Lee Soo Chan and Lee Soo Ryun facing each other in tears. Lee Soo Chan’s expression is full of concern, and he pours out his anger in front of his sister. Lee Soo Ryun is crying as well, and her own face is shadowed with frustration. It will be interesting to see what new decisions Lee Soo Chan, who realized the severity of the tragedy, and Lee Soo Ryun, who vowed to do what she could, will make next.

Lee Soo Ryun was swept up in fear, and yet, she was determined to remain behind in Gwangju and do whatever it takes to the help the civilians. Although Lee Soo Chan was deeply concerned for what was happening in Gwangju, his family always came first. The final episode will portray their change of heart, and viewers can watch to find out what kind of choices these two will make in the end.

The final episode of “Youth of May” will air on June 8 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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