B.I's Agency Responds To His Indictment + Explains Why They Released His Album Prior To Court Decision

B.I’s agency IOK Company has released a statement following his indictment.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that B.I had been indicted on the charge of violating the Act on the Control of Narcotics, Etc. on May 28.

On June 8, IOK Company shared a formal statement in which they apologized for releasing B.I’s recent album “WATERFALL” while he was still awaiting a decision in his case. The agency also explained their reasons for moving forward with the release—as well as the release of his previous single album “Midnight Blue,” for which all the proceeds were donated to charity.

The agency’s full statement is as follows:

Hello, this is IOK Company.

We are making a statement regarding our artist B.I’s indictment.

The charge on which our artist has been indicted is the allegation from 2019 that he purchased narcotics. In 2020, in accordance with the law, B.I underwent rigorous investigation and drug tests a total of nine times, and he continuously awaited the final decision in his case.

Following the incident, B.I and our agency incessantly debated and worried about the direction he ought to take in the future. While the artist and our company acknowledged his past wrongdoings and were unable to turn back things that had already happened, we pondered over how he could live the remainder of his life as a more upstanding member of society and what direction he could take to be of more use to the world.

Rather than merely return or continue to reflect, we hoped that our artist would be able to use the influence he already had in a way that would help society, even if just a little. With that intention, we released [B.I’s] charity album “Midnight Blue,” and we were able to feel for ourselves that music could be a greater help to society than we had thought. With that same intention and the desire to show the music that [B.I] has prepared up until now, we ended up releasing his recent album. We apologize for the fact that we released his recent album amidst our artist’s uncomfortable controversy, resulting in the current situation.

We also truly apologize for the fact that, through our perhaps somewhat hasty actions, we gave the fans who sent [B.I] their support and encouragement cause for concern.

At the moment, our artist is currently awaiting the end of his case. Our company will approach that end with a sincerely apologetic attitude and the mindset of always reflecting on the past and not repeating past wrongdoings. We will stand by our artist to help him live out his life as a mature and upstanding member of society.

Thank you.

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