A final behind-the-scenes video has been released for “Youth of May”!

The KBS romance drama is about medical student Hwang Hee Tae (Lee Do Hyun) and nurse Kim Myung Hee (Go Min Si), who fall in love amidst the whirlwind of events that take place in May 1980—a historically significant time period in South Korea.

In the first scene, the director and Lee Do Hyun discuss if he should button up his shirt for an emotional scene in episode 11. Go Min Si comments, “At least your shirt isn’t completely off,” and Lee Do Hyun adds, “If we end this episode [with my shirt off] like this, I think viewers might stop watching.” As they begin filming, Go Min Si can’t contain her laughter with every take. Lee Do Hyun jokes, “I think she doesn’t want to say goodbye to the B [camera] team because this is their last filming session.” They successfully finish filming after several takes, and Lee Do Hyun pats Go Min Si’s shoulder as he says, “Good job!”

Geum Sae Rok and Lee Sang Yi, who played siblings Lee Soo Ryun and Lee Soo Chan, then film their last scene together. Before filming, Geum Sae Rok talks with staff members, asking a cameraman, “Do you only work on KBS dramas?” When the cameraman responds that he does, she replies, “I guess I should do KBS dramas so I can meet these directors again. I will miss you all.” In between takes, Geum Sae Rok asks Lee Sang Yi about a new advertisement he is starring in, noting how well he built up his body for it. Lee Sang Yi says humbly, “It’s all edited,” and Geum Sae Rok is surprised to find out from the staff that body shapes can be edited in videos also.

Next, Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si film the scene where their characters get married. Lee Do Hyun comments, “Thinking about it, Myung Hee is the one who proposed to me. I should’ve proposed… Next time, when living as a married couple, I will propose properly one day.” While Go Min Si prays for rehearsal, Lee Do Hyun flaps his arms behind her. She turns around and asks if he was acting like a pigeon, to which he claims in response, “No, what do you mean a pigeon? I was expressing an angel!”

Before their final scene together, Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si play around with their flashlights, acting like they are in a horror movie. As soon as filming begins, they immediately get into character for the emotional scene.

To end, the characters say final words to their characters. Lee Do Hyun says to Hwang Hee Tae, “Even if your life is difficult, lonely, sad, and tiring, I hope you will overcome again and live well. And in heaven, I hope you and Myung Hee will happily spend the time you haven’t been able to spend together. You’ve done well, Hee Tae. I love you.”

Go Min Si expresses, “Myung Hee, you’ve really done well. I hope you send away all your pain and sadness, achieve your unfulfilled dreams, and do what you have wanted to do in a really happy place. I think I was even more thankful because you are someone who is somewhere out there always praying, protecting, and happy for your loved ones. I hope you spread your wings and fly high.”

Lee Sang Yi comments, “Soo Chan, I think you did the best that you can. I do feel a little regret thinking about if you could’ve known and took action earlier on. You’ve done well.”

Geum Sae Rok concludes with tears, “My Soo Ryun who I loved with my whole heart and who fought passionately, I’m so thankful and sorry. Thanks to you, I think I’ve grown a lot. I hope you will always be yourself and healthy. I love you.”

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