Sweet Romance With A Sci-Fi Twist: 6 Reasons To Watch C-Drama “Miss Crow With Mr. Lizard”

C-drama “Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard” is a sweet rom-com about a young woman named Jiang Xiao Ning (Xing Fei), who attracts bad luck like a crow, and renowned architect Gu Chuan (Ren Jia Lun, also known as Allen Ren) who doesn’t socialize, just like a lizard.

It’s a lighthearted watch that is perfect to unwind with. One moment, your stomach will serve as a playground for butterflies, and the next moment, it will ache from laughing too hard. If you love good rom-coms, you shouldn’t miss out on this drama. Here are six reasons why.

Warning: minor spoilers on the drama below.

The bold and bubbly female lead

Despite having lost her parents at age 13, Jiang Xiao Ning has always continued to wear a smile – and a genuine one, that is. In her eyes every day brings new chances and whatever bad things come her way, she always makes an effort to see them in a positive light. Aspiring to become an architect like her late father, she boldly pursues her dreams and is very diligent. Her financial situation, though, hasn’t yet allowed her to finish her studies. Therefore, she works several part-time jobs until she lands a job at Gu Chuan’s company as his personal assistant.

Overly optimistic characters can easily become bland or even annoying, but Xing Fei plays the role with charm. You’ll never get tired of Xiao Ning’s sweet smile, and her straightforwardness is also very refreshing. The actress really excels at this type of role!

The male lead’s transformation

In a car accident from 10 years ago, Gu Chuan suffered injuries to his heart so serious that replacing it with a mechanical one was the only way to keep him alive. From then on he has no longer been able to live a normal life. If his heart rate rises too high, he will discharge electricity, and in the worst case his life could even be endangered. Therefore, he has to always keep calm at all costs, which puts tons of restrictions on him. As a result, Gu Chuan turned into a mere shadow of his former self and became cold and secluded.

But when Xiao Ning becomes his assistant and he spends his every day with her, her positive energy quickly starts to rub off on him. Knowing that she hasn’t really had an easy life either, he admires her outlook on life and takes inspiration from it.

You can literally see the change in Gu Chuan’s state of mind on his face – even when he’s not smiling. The character’s whole aura becomes different, and it’s not only because he starts to wear brighter colors and more youthful outfits. With subtle changes in his facial expressions, Ren Jia Lun makes Gu Chuan’s transformation perfect.

The sweet OTP romance

Xiao Ning and Gu Chuan are simply too cute for words! While Xiao Ning has always been bold and expressive, Gu Chuan’s actions after the two become a couple are a little surprising. He turns out to be a real sweet-talker – much to Xiao Ning’s delight. No matter how corny the words he chooses for his love declarations might be, they never sound so when they come from his mouth. But the biggest love declaration of all is without a doubt the way he smiles at her.

Even though Gu Chuan’s mechanical heart is undeniably a big hindrance in their relationship, Xiao Ning is quite insensitive to pain and thus not bothered by electric shocks that aren’t strong enough to make one pass out. The two are indeed a match made in heaven! Xiao Ning also doesn’t reconsider her relationship with Gu Chuan even for a second after learning his secret, and she fully embraces him and his handicap.

The fiery second couple

Xiao Ning’s best friend Zhao Yan (Chloe Zhao) is a real badass woman who takes down with ease any man who dares to get too close to her. Rich playboy Xu Cheng Ran (Wayne Liu), who happens to be Gu Chuan’s friend, witnesses Zhao Yan defending herself and falls for her shoulder throw. Zhao Yan isn’t easy to approach, as she closed herself up after having been badly hurt by love, but Cheng Ran is genuinely attracted to her confident and independent nature, and thus unwilling to give up. He tries all kinds of tricks and eventually succeeds in slowly making her open up to him.

The two are a really fun couple that defies traditional gender roles. While Zhao Yan saves damsel Cheng Ran in distress when needed, Cheng Ran cooks and waits for her to come home after work, to just name one example. Plus, their passionate romance forms a nice contrast to the rather innocent OTP.

The beautiful friendships

Xiao Ning and Zhao Yan are true friendship goals. They always support each other and listen to the other’s worries when they need someone to talk. Cheng Ran and Gu Chuan, on the other hand, constantly tease each other (and it’s hilarious!), but they deeply care for the other. Cheng Ran even has an app installed on his phone that shows him Gu Chuan’s heart rate, and whenever the latter is in danger, he immediately rushes over to help him.

The outstanding OST

A good OST can enhance the watching experience tenfold, and “Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard” fully delivers in this aspect. The selection of songs for the drama is simply amazing! They’re also quite varied and range from fun and experimental to heartfelt and sentimental. Check out below the hauntingly beautiful ending theme song “Exchange” by Zhou Shen that will hit you right in the feels. Fun fact: Singer Zhou Shen is actually a man!

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