7 Fashion Moments That Prove That TXT’s Yeonjun Was Born To Be A Model

TXT’s eldest member Yeonjun is a real fashion connoisseur, and it only takes a quick look through the group’s Twitter page to prove the point. While all five members of TXT look amazing in every photo shoot, Yeonjun really stands out as a budding model and fashion king. If you need any more proof, here are seven moments that show that Yeonjun was practically born for the catwalk.

1. When he modeled for NYFW

If you want definitive proof that Yeonjun is an amazing fashion model, look no further. He walked at the Concept Korea F/W 2021 for New York Fashion Week earlier this year, which was held digitally due to COVID-19. This look was definitely unforgettable!

2. This look from the 2021 New Year’s Eve live event

Speaking of unforgettable looks, this outfit is the perfect amount of edgy and chic – it screams “runway model”! Plus, the camera just seems to love Yeonjun. His naturally photogenic appearance is a definite plus when it comes to the modeling world.

3. This formal look + casual mirror selfies

Luckily for Yeonjun (and MOAs!) the eldest member of the group looks fantastic in pretty much any outfit. This more formal style is arguably one of his best, and his mile-long legs are shown off extra nicely in a well-tailored suit like this one.

4. TXT’s feature in Vogue Korea

The members of TXT showed off their looks in a photo shoot for Vogue Korea (along with an interview you can see here) and Yeonjun expressed his desire to try a variety of different styles – the perfect mindset for a fashion model, especially one that looks this amazing in photo shoots!

5. His look from “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE” jacket shoot

In the aforementioned Vogue Korea interview, Yeonjun said that he was inspired by Korean actor Bong Tae Gyu, who wore a skirt to a press conference. Yeonjun, too, seems to be willing to push the boundaries of traditional fashion expectations – especially with this stunning dress from their recent comeback photo shoot.

6. These amazing hair colors

For a model, versatility is key. The more looks you can pull off, the better! Yeonjun has chosen some pretty bold hair colors in the past (including a neon shade of yellow) and has looked great in every single one of them. He can’t go wrong here!

7. This MC look on “Inkigayo”

The glasses plus green hair combo from this “Inkigayo” episode is totally killer, but it’s not just his good looks that make Yeonjun perfect model material. While height isn’t a requirement to be a model, it certainly can’t hurt. TXT is a pretty tall group in general, so it’s easy to forget just how tall Yeonjun is until you see him next to other idols.

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